That I have bed bugs. I can't afford to get my home treated and I am too embarrassed to tell my landlord. I don't know what to do. I can't sleep at night for fear of waking up & seeing bed bugs eating my children alive. What do I do? Please help me!

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  • Hi. Phone your city or county, and ask if they have a program to control bedbugs (a lot of counties and states do, because they don't want it to become a public health issue). If you can't get anywhere with that, get in touch with your congressman or senator, and see if they can help. Whatever you do, DON'T IGNORE THE PROBLEM. Problems that are ignored, never go away - they just get much worse. If after trying all of the above, go to your local TV station, and ask them if they can do anything for you. In my area, the local CBS affiliate has a program called "Call 4 Action". These guys do a great service, but the downside is that now everyone in your area will know you have bedbugs. Still, its not like you committed a crime or anything! Good Luck!

  • What you would rather suffer than tell your landlord?

    You're not the only person being affected by these bugs. It's your children. Think of it like you're doing it for them and not just for yourself

  • Agree with the comment below. You have to call your landlord immediately. This problem just doesn't go away. It will just get worse.

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