My story

Not sure what the point of this is, but here's my story.

I'm a male in his late 30s. I'm single, because all the good single girls think I'm too old for them, the ones who don't are taken, and the girls who are in their 30s and single that I meet are messed up, have baggage, are bad news, or for some reason or another are NOT the sort I should get involved with.

My s** drive and tastes complicate things further. I struggle to find a girl who can match me and share my interests. Oddly, though, I HAVE met girls over time who shared all the same interests, although not always all the same girl. I did meet maybe 2 who shared all but those relationships couldn't work for other reasons. But it makes it frustrating though because I KNOW there are girls out there who are into the same things I am. If I could just find her.

My girl HAS to shave, for example. Completely. Or wax. I can't stand pubic hair at all... it's such a turn off. I'm also big into a*** and want to do that... am happy to teach her, as I've helped many girls with their first time and they discovered they actually enjoyed it (despite several not thinking they would). I also want to be with a bisexual, because sharing fantasies is really important to me. I'd love to have a MFF threesome someday as I've not done that (did MMF and it wasn't fun).

I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and I love to do naked hot tub parties, go to nude beaches, etc and it'd be good if she could enjoy that with me.

I'm also not into big b******, which is frustrating because it seems all girls think that all guys are. We aren't... but only the ones into big b**** are vocal about it so it messes up the perception. I like small... means you can go bra-less comfortably, which is hot. And I like my girls to be shorter than me (even 5' is fine), and skinny.

My tastes get kinkier... I'm into roleplay, especially taboo topics like incest and others. I like p***, pics and videos, and love it when a girl likes looking at or watching them with me. I like using toys on a girl... d*****, vibes, objects. Oral s** is important... she really needs to enjoy giving... luckily I enjoy giving too so the favor is returned. I also get turned-on by big age gaps/differences and have been surprised to find girls secretly into that as well. I'm also into light watersports. I even have to admit that sometimes I find the videos and pics of girls doing stuff with their dogs to be big turn-ons.

And I've met more than one girl into all these things. Even the most taboo roleplays and fantasies. Girls turned-on by ridiculous age-gaps (sometimes more than even I am comfortable with). And I've personally met 2 girls who've done stuff with animals and would again... one wanted to very, VERY badly (talking about that with her was hot). I've met girls who wanted to be choked... raped... who fantasized about having s** with a twin sister, a cousin, a brother, their dad, their mom (I'm dead serious). Girls who want to be tied up, spanked, beaten, abused, humiliated, made to cry. Girls who wanted enemas. Girls who wanted to m********* while seeing me with another girl.

They're out there, somewhere. But something stupid always keeps it from working. And yet I know my sexual desires and needs AREN'T impossible to fill... I've discovered the darkest regions of female sexual interests and discovered they can be just as, and even far more dirty and kinky as myself. I just wish I could find all I needed in a single package who was also someone I could be with for the rest of my life.

And probably just my luck, you're reading this, you're her, and you live 3000 miles away. :/

I'm told I'm a catch myself... I'm not unattractive (so they tell me). I'm fit, athletic/muscular build. I take care of my body and it shows... and I look 10+ years younger than I am. I've got a full-time professional job, a car, my own place, all that. You'd think this wouldn't be so hard, but it is... even BEFORE the sexual needs come into play.

Are you a girl also secretly into these things too? Talk to me. I'm not trying to hook up with you (you're probably too far away anyway) but talking would be good. Critique/lectures not welcome... you obviously don't understand, so your opinion isn't needed here.


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  • I'd talk to you, but I heard you have a birth mark on your left butt cheek, not the right one and are therefore not what I'm looking for in a guy. Stop breathing my air, you useless inferior person!


  • Overeaters anonymous.

  • Naughty nibblers.

  • You are ridiculous .

  • Don't get married...marriage is an institution requiring give and take, forgiveness, and are too selfish...

  • Not sure where you get that from. My friends actually describe me as a very sweet and generous person. I didn't mention it as it wasn't the point of the post... it is irrelevant to the sexual side of things (unless we're talking about "giving" sexually and taking care of the other persons' needs, which I believe I did cover as that's very important to me. There are many things I've done that I haven't been into myself personally, but I've done for the benefit of the girl as it was something she wanted and I get pleasure from pleasing).

  • Your friends have a different experience of you than a potential partner would. For one thing, truly "sweet" and "generous" people don't have a very specific list a mile long. They take their fellow human beings as they find them and don't dismiss them if the other person doesn't fit their super-specific metrics.

    You're in the process of ending up just another self-referred "nice guy" who's doomed to stay single until we can custom-create humans like in a Build A Bear Workshop. Or until you grow up some. (I think the former scenario will happen first...)

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