Not smooth

I'm seriously not smooth when it comes to girls. I liked a girl a lot before but when it came time to speak I would always act like a j***. When she wanted to hug me for the first time I was like "Yeah, whatever I'll hug you." But inside I was really thinking "Yesssssssssssss! Control yourself, control yourself." I was seriously trying to not say something completely dorky but all I succeeded in doing was making myself look like a j***. When it comes to girls that I'm kind of attracted to but not that much and girls that I don't really care about being with, I can be really smooth, relaxed and cool. It's just, when it comes time to act cool around a girl that I really want to be with, I flip out. Man, I'm either a complete idiot or dork or something cause I just don't know how to be myself around someone I like.

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  • That be yourself garbage hasn't worked yet has it? ANYONE can be smooth with women. Anyone. Pickup this book "The Game" by Niel Strauss. You're Welcome

  • Don't try to be smooth or act cool. The best thing you can do is just be yourself. So what if you say something that sounds dorky, you'll be that much more endearing. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Girls are looking for the nice, shy, dorky, quirky guy.

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