Slept with my father in law

My father in law caught me at a weak moment. I let him massage my shoulders when I was stressed out and it felt so good I let him massage the rest of my body not thinking he would try anything. I was wrong about him not trying anything and because I missed the intimacy from my husband who is away in the military, I gave into my father in laws advances and let him have s** with me.

When my husband comes home next month I'm still going to have s** with my father in law when I can do it without my husband getting suspicious. Having two lovers has made my life more excitement and I love it too much to give it up. It might be wrong but I don't care. I'll bet lots of women would just love to be in my shoes.



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  • Lucky you

  • I'm 21 & have regular s** with my sister's father-in-law! The s** is just so wonderful. He's told me when I wear the Punjabi traditional salwaar suit he simply can't control the urge for s**! He says I look absolutely beautiful! I often wear a Punjabi suit to bed.!I'm worried I've missed a period this month & scared I could be pregnant! I'm working & studying locally, therefore sister's in-law's offered me the spare bedroom. He is a tower of strength especially when I felt like quitting studying. He helped me get over the fears. I know it's wrong but the s** is like a drug! When he's penetrating me I don't want him to stop even after I've climaxed! The family have no idea. This would not only devastate my sister but she may disown me!

  • I agree it's hard to control when a hotty is in salwar suit especially in Patialas but how did your father in law managed to convince you for s** and where do you guys find the place to f*** ?

  • My father in law loved to tease me about how sexy I was and one night I was alone with drinking wine and one thing lead to another. He reached over kissed me and I kissed him back. As we were kissing he lowered me to bed and we had the hottest s** I ever had. I ended up pregnant by father in law.

  • Are you still f****** him

  • My biggest turn on would be to set up my wife and dad up without them knowing and hide or put a camera to watch them f***

  • Really

  • Just e careful you don't get preggers! S** is great & exciting I'm sure. The after affects (if found out) will be even WORSE!

  • I have been s******* around with my girlfriends younger sister for 2 yrs now.

  • F*** each and everyone who commented here... oh s*** that includes me. Damn.

  • Your father in-law told me that you need to shave your back and cut your toenails.

  • It's okay let me f*** your mother-in-law it's only p**** f******

  • Go for it f*** all the time even put your dad's dad

  • Enjoy darling

  • S***. You're hot

  • Im a 60 year old male and cant see a problem with this. We all have needs and in the absence of a partner these needs do not go away.

  • Then let your father f*** your daughter when your mother is away...because your father have needs and he don't have to worry on how you feel about he f****** your own daughter right

  • Then allow ur friend to f*** ur daughter, u r***** old bastars

  • I agree with that. From a military wife's perspective that is just horrible. While your husband is away fighting for your freedom your s******* around with his dad. You are obviously not a mature adult so just divorce him and save him even more heartache when he does find out about that

  • I don’t agree. I’m not in the military but I’m usually away working. My wife needs to get laid and I appreciate my dad’s taking care of her.

  • Wow.....your seriously f***** in the head and obviously have some daddy issues.

  • Amen

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