Slobber jobber

I recently was giving another guy a b******. My name is Barry and I am very experienced at giving b*******. But this time, the guy just grabbed my head and face f***** me so hard that I thought my throat was going to explode. This was the most brutal b****** ever and I was mortified and completely shocked that it was happening. My tonsils were banged so intensely that I thought I would actually faint from embarrassment. That guy worked my throat for 40 minutes non-stop and then exploded a gallon of c** in my mouth to swallow.

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  • Damn Barry. You are one severe c*** gobbling machine. I am sure that you will be giving about 1000 more b******* in the next several months...hoping to be hard-core throat-banged again and again.

  • Jesus Christ! This is one the sexiest things I've ever read! Wish that had happened to me! Where do you find men like this one???!?

  • Sound like this just recently happened to you. So probably within the next few days you're going to start thinking back on the experience and realize that the man who took you was a really skilled gay dominant and he knew implicitly what you wanted and he gave it to you, and you're going to start masturbating about it, constantly, and then you're going to go back to him and have him give it to you all over again. Eventually, you'll be begging for him to do you. Repeatedly. You are already his w****. You just don't know it yet. But you soon will.

  • OMG, this is Barry and you are so right. I recently did connect with this guy again, I contacted him. I just wanted to be throat banged again and this guy sure knows how to do it. He makes my throat sore and tears run down my face while he is doing it. It is so embarrassing but so satisfying at the same time.

  • This is so true. I am certain that Barry has discovered his life-long addiction.

  • You're lucky. You found a man who cared enough about you to treat you like you need and want to be treated. You'll never NEVER be able to go back to b******* the way you used to give or receive them. You'll never forget him. It's love. True TRUE love.

  • ^ true ^ you got to give the BJ every man wants.

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