I falsely accused my director

I teach secondary art at a pretty elite international school in Asia. I was really upset at the director of the school(kind of like a principal and superintendent rolled into one) because he was such a j***. I wanted to get rid of him so I went to the school board accusing him of sexual harasment against me and other staff and students. It was all either exaggerrated or just made up. He lost his job and the school year was nuts after that. People were crying and calling in all sorts of sick days and everyone was fighting with each other based on whether they believed my stories or not. I got my revenge and I am glad he is gone but I regret I did it now.



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  • All was foretold in 2009. The fear of bees protecting their queen: https://thehimalayantimes.com/news-archives/latest/colours-of-fear/

  • I am risking having this post placing it higher on searches for my name, but since it won't go away, I'd like to face this head on.
    I did not write this "confession". I have nothing to confess. I suspect that this and a false facebook set-up post were written and posted by someone connected with Lincoln School and/or the director.
    I am proud to write that I did play a role in the eventual demise of the mentioned director. I was one of the scores of faculty, parents, and students who came forward and testified in an intense investigation. I can only speak to what I testified. Some of what I experienced and witnessed were bullying, inappropriate verbal sexual conduct, coercive behavior, and anti-Semitism. I was singled out for my moral/ethical courage by the out-going Board.
    All of the faculty who played a prominent role in the investigation were subsequently dismissed. A new policy written and implemented forced me out.
    I believe I have been and am now a victim of retaliation for my actions, even though a non-retaliation clause was signed by the former director, but not his friends and cronies.
    At a time when abuse is forefront in the news with in the social media sites like #metoo, I restate the pride I feel in my actions. I am an outstanding art teacher with hundreds of recommendations from former students, faculty, parents, Board members and administrators. `
    I would like to continue teaching, but non-validated statements are being made against me. If you, a possible employer, please let my long history in education speak for my worth.
    Robert Passig

  • The director probably wrote this. (Lincoln School)

  • Robert Passig did not write this. Every word is false. I have nothing to confess.

  • Is your name Robert Passig by any chance?

  • I (the art teacher) am a white male. You comments make incorrect assumptions about race and gender. I am sure this will have little impact on your opinions. Do not let facts get in the way of your hate!

  • F****** b****. The first anon is still a racist shitstain though.

  • Asians don't have any moral code...Asians even eat cats and dogs...very cruel race...you will burn in h***.

  • Wow youre a real a******

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