12 Year Age Difference

I'm completely in love with a 31 year old man. He's smart, charming, and a total gentleman. He took my virginity.
I'm 18, and in college. No one knows about us, especially my parents. I'm scared they would think he's just some creep trying to prey on young women, but he's not. I know he loves me.
I hate having to keep it a secret. I love him so much I want everyone to know it. Which is why I'm here.

Next Confession

Long time.

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  • I am actually in a similar situation except I have not slept with him yet I am still a virgin. My guy is 29 to my 18 and honestly I believe that if you are in love there is nothing wrong with that but you have to be careful. I live ten hours away from the guy I'm talking to so for us its a little more complicated.

  • Most 18 year old women of today are still kids, very immature , have no sense of reality . a man 13 years older has 13 more years of experience to manipulate you and use you . You have barely began to live at age 18 , obviously he is very good in bed and your happy with loosing your virginity to him . He may be willing to marry you and you may live happily ever after , but normally it does not work out that way . When your in your prime he will be a near old man , When he is 53 you will be 40 and hot , he will be slowing down . It could be he is real and truly loves you , but the chances of that are not normal for the age difference . 2 women cheated on me so I have went through 2 divorces because of cheating women , both were younger than me and wanted sexual excitement and they easily found it . The woman I live with now is older than me , and she screws my brains out . Most importantly she is making fantastic money , she wanted a younger stud whom makes lots of money and she found one in me . She is 5 years older and is over sexed , but she was not like that when she was young , she develop love for ** over her life time . Your body will change also , I bet you cheat on him .

  • I'm 49 and have a 20 year old girlfriend and before I knew I loved her I wrote down all the things OTHER people will say about our relationship. Everything I wrote down was said to us and it hurt very much. Even at 49 I feel guilty and almost unable to defend myself even though I know in my heart I love her so much I'd give my life for hers. Always remember there are only TWO people in a relationship. Others will always not be pleased with your choice and that is why they are with who they are with and you are with who you are with. Love is not about age. If she was my age I know I'd love her just as much.

    Our relationship is not built on ** as 100% of the people that talked s*** about us insinuated. We are both virgins and waiting until marriage. Not finding the right girl for 49 years has me more scared than her for her first time. We are waiting 2 more years before we get married as well. So that will make it four years of dating before **. People like to judge others but I know our relationship is strong and healthy even with all the people that are against it.

    Sometimes I feel people are even jealous I am able to have such a nice, pretty, young, and smart girlfriend. They always being up the negative part which is odds are I could die first because I am older. When you buy a pet you know that pet will die in 10 years or so but you make everyday count because you know their time is sort. Sometimes I think we cherish each other more than couples the same age because we do mention that I could die first every so often but everyday is so amazing we don't dwell on it. My last girlfriend was 10 years older than me and she died in a car accident. Nobody knows how much time they have. The deal is we make each other happy everyday until one of us leaves this earth than we find another person to make us just as happy. If I have to leave this world before her I want her to be happy with the time we had and I want her to find another man of any age to make her happy so I can rest easy.

    If you love someone never let someone else tell you it is wrong. We each have a brain to make our own choices. I have wrongly judged people like me as well. Now I have learned that if two people have feelings for each other keep your opinions to yourself. That person that says about "banging a college girl" is what everyone thinks but it is not always the case.

    I really hope it works out. 12 years is not much of an age difference. As I said my other girlfriend that died was 10 years older than me but acted much younger. People that are 20 now think 50 year olds have to act a certain way. Wait until you are 50 to comment about how people have to act at a certain age. When you are 50 you will find a pretty girl of 18 is still just as pretty as when you were 18. Don't think when you are 50 you'll think 50 year olds are hot because you won't. Many people my age are already divorced because their wife got fat or ugly ect. And you tell me that is true love. I think we have a better chance at happiness than others because I'm already old and ugly and she loves me anyway.

  • for what its worth im a girl and i think its totaly **. i dated a older guy for awhile when i was young and the ** was great but eventualy all his freinds made him feel so guilty about dating me and bringing me to places that had to card me and made him get me a fake i.d. and all that he broke up with me aftr 1 yr which i hated and which i still hate. i think your so so so lucky that your guy loves you so much and doesnt care about your age.

  • **..

  • Unlike my fellow commenters here, I'm going to assume (based on how articulate you are) that you're fully mature, and capable of determining, honestly, (a) what you feel for another human being, and (b) what another human being feels for you. Ignore the age difference, if everything you see tells you to believe that the two of you are truly connecting, because that is not at all age-dependent. Love is rare enough in the world that we can't afford to dismiss it because society or religion or parents tell us it isn't love. Since you don't seem worried that your man is "a creep trying to prey on young women", but only that your parents might see him that way, I'm assuming that your perception is the correct one. But if you find that to be untrue, if you find that he seems to be sniggering with his friends behind your back, or if he talks down to you because he appears to think he's smarter because he's older, then you need to reassess. Otherwise, enjoy loving him and allowing him to love you. I dated a man older than yours when I was an age younger than you, and we had a wonderful relationship for many years. However, I'd already been with a large number of boys and quickly found that an older man was better for me and better met my intellectual needs and better fulfilled my physical ones: teenaged boys are just a disaster, aren't they? And a watse of flesh and air? Enjoy your man.

  • *facepalm*
    31 yr old going out with an 18 yr old?
    You haven't even mentally matured yet!

    ** straight they will think he's a creep!

    You can let people know if that's what you want but just remember this guy will most likely be judged and you're going to have to accept what comes from you telling them.

  • So whats wrong with that? nothing thats what, if these two wanna date each other thats up to them and it ain't no ones business but theirs, and how do you know she ain't matured yet? everyone matures mentally and physically at differant rates, she could be more mentally mature then you..

  • It is love...till you hit age 30, then you will say, "I have to ** this guy for the rest of my life? ** that, I'm moving on...see ya later, **!"

  • LOL You sound like a person of experience..

  • 31 year old dating an 18 yr old? Of course it's love! It's not like he could bragging to his buddies at a bar of how he's ** the ** out of some 18 yr old naive bimbo who could easily be mistaken as his daughter. And don't even think about the possibility that it's every man's dream his age to jump at the opportunity to bang a college girl.
    As a matter of fact, be sure to take him to meet ur parents! I'm pretty sure mom and dad will want to hear the story of how someone that old took their daughter's v-card. Be sure to tell them how much in "love" you are with him..

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