Please Help!

I am 26 years old and I LOVE having s**... I think I like it to much for that matter!! I have had way to many one night stands, at the time it makes me feel good because I am getting attention then after I am so down on myself for doing it. I get drunk and just have s** because it feels good. I am a single mom of two kids and have been in mentally abusive relationships and can't seam to settle down, all I wanna do is haw s** and I can't stop myself. I'm scared of contracting something but I just can't stop someone please help I hate how I am it's not fair to myself and especially my kids. I hate myself so much for what I do :(

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  • I think it's time for you to invest in a nice thick good vibrator or and d****. These would def lessen the sexual tension finding the time to o***** with yourself is def a way to do it safe. But you can never deny how it feels better when it is with a stranger or someone else. Love f****** all the time as well.

  • You need to find someone how will make you stop but because you want too.

  • the prob w/u is that ur nasty n u just need to stop being that bcuz ur kids r going to wind up like u doesnt that worry u???? it should so try n think about that when ur about 2 hook it up with some random d*** u just picked up n brot home

  • Unfortunately, guys can pretty quickly suss out women who really want s**, and then they take advantage of you.

    Anyhow, good luck in mastering this addiction, and stay away from the guys who use you. It's not good for you -- and not for your kids. That being said, I am sympathetic to your plight -

    A guy

  • There's nothing wrong with having lots and lots of s**, even with strangers, as long as it's all safe, and as long as you don't think it's anything other than physical pleasure and release. If you aren't using protection, or if you think each time you lay down with somebody new that something magical is going to happen, then you need to talk with a therapist or counselor and find a way to adjust your thought processes and the way you see the world. S** in a relationship is far more than s**, but s** by itself is limited to the physical realm. Someone as sexual as you are, and as skilled, should be able to hook a man, and keep him (and even keep him panting for more), and if you're not doing that, it's probably because you're sabotaging the relationship yourself before it's taken an abortion.

    You aren't as far away from being solid and stable and happy as you want to be, or as you deserve to be: you just need a small amount of redirection, and a therapist can help with that. Best wishes.

  • you have a s**'s like any are trying to increase the serotonin in your brain....lots of things do this: p***, gambling, violence...and s**...go to youtube and search for: eft tapping addiction (or eft tapping s** addiction)....tap along and be will get better....

  • stop haveing s** duh...

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