I like to be dominated!

This is my first time doing a confession, so don't laugh or make fun. Lol. But, I'm 19 years old and only had s** with 3 men. But I constantly daydream about being dominated. For example: choked, slapped, hair pullen, hit, bitten, tossed around, taken advantage of, etc. Maybe it's just me but that turns me on like nothing else! I've never told anyone this because I don't want them to think I was beatin as a child or something ridicilous. Because you know how people are these days. I just want to know I'm not alone? Please tell me I'm not the only woman who likes to be dominated and that men like doing it? Lol. I need to find me a man who will because I'm tired of holding this all in!

Jul 12, 2012

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  • So do I....It would be so f****** sexy

  • i like sharing domination. alittle slap on the face or the t*** or ass here too is nice. the whole choking thing though is just kinda weird or rather at least not natural to me. there is a large number of people who are into all of this though, so youre definitely not alone. just be careful as to who your partner is!!

  • I'm younger than you, but I like alot of the same things. No one ever abused me, but it still just feels really good. I don't know why, I guess maybe that's just the way ours brains work.

  • I am dominant over my females, but pain is out of the question! I'll be in control, but I'll never feel comfortable with inflicting pain on a woman just to get off. I think you have some other issues going on. No disrespect intended, just my opinion.

  • i'm a 24 year old man and i enjoy to hit women, choke them, torture them. nothing gets me more going then to treat a woman really rough and brutal.
    you are absolutely not alone. women generally like to be dominated in bed and like a strong man who uses them. It's just that many don't allow themselves to fulfil their sexual role because they think they have to be "politically correct".

  • i love being dominated!

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