Sad and pathetic

As soon as I'm finished masturbating, I cry. I'm not sure why. I always have a lot on my mind and I'm pretty depressed, but it's never just one thing. what the h*** is wrong with me.

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  • All you need is a really good f******! I was the same, feeling all lost & depressed. I ordered a few s** toys and hoped that would ease my lonliness but like you I felt ashamed. Then one day a neighbor stopped by and said he had noticed I was down and out and if I had something he could help me with all I had to do was tell him. So I told him about how lonly I was, about the s** toys and how ashamed I was after using them. Then he asked if having s** by myself was fun? I thought about it for a bit & thought all he was wanting was a piece of ass. He said he had read somewhere that s** releases stress but it was up to me whether I did it with a toy or with a man. So for the past month I have been getting f***** by this guy three times a week. Now all I have is a sore ass but its better than lonliness.

  • God is punishing you.

  • God is not punishing anyone. Show some compassion.

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