My first girlfriend, how?

OK first thing
i have no fckn idea how i got her and its a long read
if there is an update to this i will put it in comments
OK so it starts off in about January 2012 i added an anonymous friend on WoW and we hung out together and became really good friends on it, in about April we added each others real ID's on WoW and when i looked at her name i though i kind of recognized it but i didn't put 2+2 together so on one of the last days of school in June i was telling my friends to join my guild to help me level it
and "kacee" (lets use that name rather than her real name) over heard the conversation and asked me to repeat what i said ("kacee" is the hottest girl in school in my eyes) so i repeated my self and then she told me her toons name server name and then she said my toons name Todney. my jaw dropped but i just started talking without thinking asking questions like "how" "prove it" "what is my archeology level" until i was satisfied, the rest of the day we hung out talking not even about WoW but just talking (btw we are both in junior high) once the final bell rang we walked home and because i walk home sometimes she walked with me and i learned where she lived and met her lovely parents. that night i got on and we played until 1:30 in the morning (im pretty shur) wand talked in vent, next day (Friday) at school every thing happend quickly first she came up to me and hugged me so in return i started to kiss her and to my surprise she was kissing me back and the rest of the day was awesome, after school we went to the mall and i literally went from being the loser gaming nerd to part of the "group". after hanging out at the mall i brought my gaming system (laptop, mouse, wrist brace, headset) over and i learned that her entire family except for her little sis played wow and they all put a toon into my guild and we did raids all night long since we were all 85's (todney is not 85)anyways i took my DK and we did all of the BC raids then LK raids then we got the full groups for DS. i want MoP so bad now but there is no sence in buying it sense in buying it because they already said that it will be my early Xmas present.

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