When I put on clean panties, they're

When I put on clean panties, they're completely wet within a matter of a few hours. I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel disgusting.

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  • I find it interesting that you would bring that up here instead of at the doctor's office. Maybe I should confess my knee pain and see what help I can find???

  • Tampax meja. That will do the trick

  • that happens to my baby cousin!
    he wears diapers.
    maybe you should too!

  • Go see a ob-gyn, cause it could be something wrong with you. Most likely not, but at least you can get some straight answers!

  • i don't understand how stupid people are, because the girl is not asking to hear how happy how boy freind or husband for that matter, she just want to know if you guys have an idea for her. you should go see a doctor because you never know what is going on and liesten to stupid ppl on line.

  • me too! but i don't feel disgusting, i feel like a woman.

  • I don't think it would hurt to at least consult an OB/GYN...
    They can offer some perspective and teach you how to properly guide the issue, if not completely eliminate it.

  • This is acutally not a bad thing. Just keep an extra pair of panties with you at all times. Just be worried if you stop getting wet. Then there's an issue


  • I do not think you should put much worry into it. Gals are suppose to get wet, maybe you are just a little more aroused then your friends. This is OK.
    Like i said above there are liners you can buy if it becomes a big issue.
    You will have a happy and lucky BF or husband down the line.

  • Well, I mean, it is kinda the sexual way girls get wet but the thing is, I'm not constantly aroused, I just get really wet all the time. And I thought it must be because I'm a teenager but other girls don't seem to have the problem.

  • Wet panties bring thoughts to me that are sexual, but I will guess this is not your situation. LOL If it is you have a very lucky BF or Husband.
    I believe you can buy a form of liner that may absorb some of the wetness, much like a diaper but smaller and not noticable.
    Good Luck.

  • I was so upset and disoriented I messed up on grammar and spelling in that last comment.

  • Ha, ha, very funny. Thank you for taking my serious problem that i am truly worried about and making it into a jok.

  • Pull them down when you p***.

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