What is the most perverted sexual act or forbidden sexual experience you have done but never told.

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  • I am a married man and once I met up with a gay couple. I ended up taking both of them in both of my holes. They each used both my holes until they flooded me with their c**. I would really like to be used like that again.

  • One I jacked off into my friends daughters panty drawer. Also jacked off in the same room as my sleeping niece.

  • I had a hot three way with 2 underage older and younger sisters , one 5-6 and the other 3-4 , I made them mostly kiss each other because I wanted them to have each other , but than I had the eldest sister sit mostly on my lap .

  • My ex girlfriend's daughter woke me by sucking my c*** one night, she was 10. I had fallen asleep on the couch, with shorts and a t-shirt on mind you. I woke up with no shorts and her daughter going to town. Didn't realize it was her at first and took a minute to get my surroundings. I realized I was about to c** and let her know as I grabbed her head fully realizing it's her and knowing it's too late. I burst my load into her mouth as she swallowed a good amount, choking on a bit of it. My c** dripping from her mouth I let her clean most of it up. It was such a strong o***** which did freak me out! That wasn't the only time she took advantage either. Why?

  • When my oldest daughter was 10, she wanted to sleep in my bed when she stayed at my house. I woke up in the middle of the night with a raging h@rd on. She only slept in a shirt and undies. I got tempted and reached over to touch her. After rubbing her for a few minutes she started moaning in her sleep and getting soaked. I slipped a finger under her undies and rubbed her button really well. She actually ended up having an or-gas-m while asleep. I was stroking the whole time and as she did, I busted so hard. Harder than I ever have. Then I took a little of my stuff and slipped it across her lips. Both sets.

  • I love inappropriate touching of woman/girls when they get locked in crowd and from behind I attack them and rub my rod and i put my hands in there clothes and i really enjoy that bcuz i feel like a predator or something above

  • There is nothing better than walking up to a young girl in public and grabbing her t** so hard..or squeezing their dirty c*** in your hand so hard..instant f****** victim..then wanking your c*** furiously later on the power trip..randomly punching fit girls in the face is the best of all

  • I constantly get an erection when my sister is around

  • How old is she?

  • I have been f-----g my aunt for the past 12 years.

  • Having my d*** in a 2 and 2 4 yr olds mouths, c****** in my neighbours daughters 8 yr old p****

  • I rubbed my d*** head on my girlfriends mom's lips when she was passed out

  • I was bullied by the most hottest girl in my college but she never knew that it is going to backfire her so badly...i raped her filmed her and have been using her since then...i have no regrets fu ck you bullies

  • Wonderful! Bad bullies.

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