I'm Depressed But Need Help

Lately I fell awful about my self all the time. I've even been suicidal several times. I want to get help. But I'm worried what people will think, like my boyfriend, and what people will say. How do I tell my mom?

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  • Ive been in that place. You feel alone and hopeless and it literally feels like it can never be better. But news flash. It does. Trust me. If you dont feel comfortable telling either of them talk to a professional such as a doctor or therapist. Or someone you trust

  • Please don't hurt yourself. Seek help & I'm sure you're sooo useful to some other people. look around you there are kids, homeless, hungrey people who may be in worse situations than you. Talk it out with somebody you trust & seek medical assistance as there are medications for such depressed souls that work like magic. Trust me.
    God created you for a reason!

  • i was depressed all thru middle school and some of high school i cut my self ALOT u have no reason to be ashamed most of my depression stemmed from my low self asteem. find some one u know you can trust and is possitive.

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