I can't seem to stop but im trying

That i watch p*** and constantly m********* and i saw this place and the stuff so i thought what the hey might as well confess too yknow. Anyway its been getting worse ive been feeling hornier and hornier id like to stop ive done it b4 but its kind of hard. any advice??

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  • It's tough to stop watching p*** when you are addicted to it. I believe it is a legitimate addiction. One thing you can try is get out of the house. Find a hobby outside the house. Start working out and hanging out with a better group of people. If that doesn't work, just get rid of the internet all together. A girlfriend isn't going to solve it. She may take away the urge for a season, but you will get used to being with her and eventually go back to watching p***. It's not an easy road, but you can overcome it with some diligence and hard work.

  • Simple from Mr. Obvious,stop watching p***. No seriously I stopped watching p*** when I tried to watch things that gross me out. After while,I felt disgusting to watch any kind of p*** because of those gross things I watched and I ended up happily not watching p*** again.Do you Want to join me?Just call me..MR OBVIOUS..!!

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