Crazy LOve

I am 16 year old boy and i am going crazy.I whant to feel a girls body,feel her soft lips.I see pretty white girls(im white)and i feel so lost.I need advice?

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  • First chance u get feel her soft p**** to h*** with soft lips unless they r round ur c***

  • Practice going up to girls and telling them exactly what you think is gorgeous about them. Not their butt or b**** or anything though! I promise, it will set you apart from other guys. You've prob heard it before, to "be yourself" thing, but it actually works! I'm a 5teen yr old girl, btw, so I can tell you exactly what we want. If you see a pretty girl, go tell her she's pretty! Good luck ;)

  • Get yourself busy in a sport you like, music, church / temple or youth camps. Get involved in the society as a volunteer to build your career or to do something you like & may be you'll find the opportunity there to mingle with girls within a group set up. which is the healthiest set up for your age till you get your degree, work then you can think about a permenant relationship.

  • rape

  • Controlling your sexual urges would be a start. If you only want a physical relationship, no girl worth keeping is ever going to go near you. Try TALKING to a girl once in a while!

  • i did not meen lyke s** or somthing i meen falling in love , i am not like that i respec girls ,woman ect.

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