Just moved America have to confess

All American womens look fat me. All them eat fast food all day and sit down becom big cows? Why fat as hippos womens American?

Jul 16, 2012

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  • Well i am a American that finds fat women attractive rather big 300+lbs.

  • Fat women are more attractive here. Go find someone of your own race then

  • Go f*** yourself and get out of the country me and my brothers in arms kill and die for to defend if you are going to b**** about it

  • All of these comments are from fat, nasty, white American girls. I am a white American guy and I refuse to date white women. It's the same thing that happened with the automotive industry, only there won't be some "bail out" for American woman when they realize that white men prefer foreign women. It's like they want to BE the man. They grow up watching shows like Kardashians and they become materialistic selfish whores that think men are stupid. And oh yeah, they eat all that fast food because they don't know how to cook ... And they feel "empowered" by that.

  • Hahaha Im not even American and i find this offensive.
    You sound like a lonely, sad, racist f**k. Go back to your own country if you can't appreciate the one you're invading. Douche!

  • American women are pigs....like their mothers...we all suffer from it.

  • Bow down to the greatest country on the planet you insignificant maggots. With one push of the button we could wipe you s***** little country's from history .

  • Go back to whatever dump of a country you came from a******!

  • don't judge people on how they look, and learn to spell.

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