I Like to Smell My Earwax

I like to put my finger in my ear and dig around until I get a nice sized chunk of warm, soft earwax sticking to my finger. Then I pull it out and rub it between my fingers and smell it. It smells nice, like jasmine and honey. Even better is when I smear it above my upper lip so I can smell it all day long. If I could gather enough of my ear wax together at one time, I'd like to spread it on a piece of toast and eat it for breakfast.

I also pick my nose a lot and like to play with the boogers. Especially big green, wet ones. I like to roll them between my fingers until they are dry and then flick them onto the carpet to vacuum up a few weeks later. I used to sometimes see a girl on the bus who would dig for gold in front of everybody with no shame and then just eat them. I could never do that. That's disgusting. But it turned me on to watch. I wonder of she likes earwax too.

Jul 16, 2012

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  • Lololololoolololol i do the same thing tol its relaxing to . not stressfull to

  • I like digging and poking things into my ears until they jab my eardrum..Anything..Straight q-tips, wooden matches, nails, drill bits, tie wires, even those corn on the cob holders.. Love just jabbing until it hurts, maybe even draws blood.. Have had more than one occasion of temporary, intense pain and ringing deafness.. Used a set of chopsticks one time, too.. Lit the tip on fire.


  • I smell mine, it smells like KFC

  • Lol mine too, i keep trying to get my friends to smell but they never indulge me

  • Lol mine too, i keep trying to get my freinds to smell but they never indulge me

  • haha....eat pus too...it's yummy

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