I Like to Smell My Earwax

I like to put my finger in my ear and dig around until I get a nice sized chunk of warm, soft earwax sticking to my finger. Then I pull it out and rub it between my fingers and smell it. It smells nice, like jasmine and honey. Even better is when I smear it above my upper lip so I can smell it all day long. If I could gather enough of my ear wax together at one time, I'd like to spread it on a piece of toast and eat it for breakfast.

I also pick my nose a lot and like to play with the boogers. Especially big green, wet ones. I like to roll them between my fingers until they are dry and then flick them onto the carpet to vacuum up a few weeks later. I used to sometimes see a girl on the bus who would dig for gold in front of everybody with no shame and then just eat them. I could never do that. That's disgusting. But it turned me on to watch. I wonder of she likes earwax too.

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  • I smell mine, it smells like KFC

  • Lol mine too, i keep trying to get my friends to smell but they never indulge me

  • Lol mine too, i keep trying to get my freinds to smell but they never indulge me

  • haha....eat pus too...it's yummy

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