Naughty girl!

I am a full time chef at McDonalds, When know one is looking I put boogers and saliva into peoples burgers and watch them eat it...Usually I get so hot and I seek off into the toilets to m*********. I have also but C**, Earwax and hair in it to! So hot! I also sneak period blood into my husbands food like in pasta sauce..And he says he enjoys it...I can't wait to go a degree in cooking so I can work at resturants.



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  • This is why I never eat fast food.

  • it sounds like you are some sort of psychopath!!!! Hope someone finds out and you get charged and put in jail!!!!

  • You are seriously a sick person if you get pleasure from seeing people eat this stuff. It disturbs me that you would even think to do this. and putting period blood in you husbands food...GROSS! You need help!

  • Holy s***.....I'm never gonna eat at McDonalds again in my life.... 9:

  • Which mcdonalds do you work at so I can never ever go there? Also what state do you live in?

  • i am never eating food again, unless i make it haha

  • "Chef"?

  • Someone could die my bf eats there loads and he
    probably eats the crap u put in there u should be fired

  • That's selfish and sick n fact, someone could get sick. That's disgusting

  • You are disgusting and sick and pathetic.
    Those poor people who are paying for their food and expect everything to be clean.
    I hope you regret this and feel ashamed of yourself.
    Karma will get you...

  • Which McDonalds do you work?

  • u talk s***

  • I did know mcdonalds had chefs

  • I make all the food at McDonalds.

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