My mom and her new boyfriend

My mom and her new boyfriend are to lovey around me. My dad, whom I am not allowed o see anymore, was better than him. I feel as if I don't matter anymore.

Mar 7

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  • You're in a very VERY hard place to be, and I am sorry you're having to deal with it. But more than anything, I am so sorry you feel unimportant. You're NOT unimportant. YOU MATTER!

    Try to hang out with friends when you can. Find some volunteer activities for people your age at hospitals, schools, retirement homes, etc. Join a church youth group, preferably where you already know one or more of the members. But even if you don't know anyone, go anyway: they will LOVE you. And I think you need to feel that. Get involved in sports, or the arts, things where you can express your personality and achieve on your own effort and merit. You're a good person and a smart person --- I can tell from your writing --- and I believe you'll work your way through this. It sounds to me like you've been through some difficult times already, so you already know at least a little about how to navigate through and keep yourself afloat. I hope life improves for you, and soon. I have just prayed for you, and for that result. But I will pray for you again. Stay safe and be well. And don't be afraid to pray for yourself, as well. You are one of God's children. And even if you think you don't matter to anyone else, YOU WILL ALWAYS MATTER. TO HIM. ALWAYS.

  • Why can't you go live with daddy you can give him all your loving before mom's bf gives it to you

  • Maybe she WANTS the mother's boyfriend to start making a move. That might be her dream c** true. If that happened to me i would totally LOVE it!!!! My mom's boyfriend is sexy and hot and hung like a horse! He can come get me anytime he wants me! If she ever decides to marry him I will totally break them up!!! I want him for myself!!! Permanent!! You can't believe how heavy he's hung!!! I love sitting on his lap!! I mean F***!!!

  • OMG. . . . . . . . STOP ALL THIS FILTH!

  • #yousickdirtyfuck#

  • Why worry ?
    If.something isn't life threatening, it's not worth worrying about.
    Live your own life, move on.

  • None of this is your fault at all

  • Are you f****** s******* me? jesus h. Christ i gotta believe it is ALL her fault!! Plus she seducing this new man and working him like them street h***** do!! g****** she ALL over that man!!!! I mean I hope she get what she working on because it sounds like he has just the size she need and always wanted in her life and up inside her body, but don't lets pretend shes not to blame for none of all of it. She hot for it and she gone get it good and soon and righteous and deeeep.

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