I was always the first of my friends to

I was always the first of my friends to do anything but now I'm going to be the last to lose my virginity. And even though I know I should be proud of it, I can't, because I haven't had the chance to lose it yet so it's not like I was strong enough to say no, I just never had the chance to say no.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • When you do lose it, be prepared for a lot more drama in your life!

  • First commenter: you lost your vaginal virginity to your husband right? surely you had a*** and oral s** thinking that god didn't have a problem with that

  • do you wonder how many of your friends REGRET losing thier virginity when they did? I bet there's more than you think, and I also bet some of them won't even admit it...

    Don't have a regret... Wait for that special someone.

  • The first comments kind of misses the point here. There is no reason to feel proud or shame for being a virgin. Just as you shouldn't feel proud or be ashamed for not being one. Anything outside of that is just morals, or in your case, the chance hasn't come yet. Morals are vastly different depending on where you are. So do what you want to do as there is benefits to either side of the coin. Anyone who passes judgment on you needs to keep their noses out of your business (Except us! Or why did you confess on this site? But thanks for posting!).

    I know a couple who both were virgins when they married. It caused them a lot of stress and marital problems and nearly broke up because they didn't have any experience and had different expectations. So at least know how to please yourself so you can teach your lover what you need.

    Your friends may be less experienced than you think. They could have just been curious, or swept away with a crush on someone. Its hard to blame people for falling in and out of love.

  • I know it's not a race and it's good that I'm still a virgin, but my concern is that I sort of subconsciously judge my friends for losing it so young when I wonder if I would have done the same given the chance.

  • Its not a race. But every athlete knows there is always another chance to win in the next Olympics. Its just not your time yet.

  • That depends on the person. I don't have many friends from high school. My friend does. It all depends.

  • I'm not in high school, I'm in college. And the people I'm friends with, I've been friends with since middle school.

  • Good for you! I lost my virginity to my husband, was one of the last girls in my group of friends to have s**. Maybe it bothers you now, but be proud of it. One day you are going to look back and feel so good that you didn't just give into anybody, but waited for that special someone. My husband is the only one I've had s** with, and I am very proud of that. Wait until you find that someone you can share it with. It will be even more special. Don't worry too much of what others think of you and what your friends are doing. Are you in High School? It has been my experience, and a whole lot of others that after high school is over you mostly likely won't be friends with the same people. I know you may think differently now, because you are there. Don't follow the crowd. Stand out and be proud. I have people tell me now how lucky I am I didn't just give it to anyone and they wished they had waited. S** isn't everything its cracked up to be, I promise. Not that it is bad, but it’s not the greatest thing in the world either. Have fun now, date, go out with friends, but wait on losing your virginity. Losing it because you don’t want to be the only one in your group that hasn’t had s** isn’t the most responsible thing to do, or the wisest. Let me tell you this…most girls out there, even though they don’t always admit it, will go to the doctor and find out they have some sort of STD. All because they wanted to sleep around. There is gonorrhea, HPV, herpes, Chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis, syphilis…The list goes on. Don’t think for a second that you just can’t get that, because you can, easily. Not to scare you away from s** all together, but you should be aware of what is out there too. Don’t just think about right now, but make decisions that you won’t later regret. Think before you do anything and find out your reason behind it. If it is because all your friends are doing it…the that isn’t a good reason, and you shouldn’t do anything.

    I know you will make the right decision.

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