I have a plan, what should I do?

Ok so here's the plan. I'm not that attractive, I'm maybe a 4 out of 10 at the most. I know I'm ugly. There's this girl I've seen that works at this grocery store close by to where I live. She's not that attractive either so she's about the same as I am, a 4 out of 10. Now the plan is to try to get with her. She has to know she ain't all that attractive like me. So I probably have a good chance to get with her. If that's the case me and her got the same issues in terms of self esteem, confidence etc. I want to convince her to try to "step her game up" with me and get more attractive together. So when we do get to be 10s, we can't say that we got with each other because of "looks". The relationship has more of a chance to last because we got with each other when we were at our lowest point. This plan really makes sense to me. Or am I just stupid?

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  • Dude. No. That is getting together for looks lmao btw.

  • Bad idea. There are a hundred ways for this to go wrong and only one way for it to go right. What If she ever finds out you picked her because she was ugly enough to be an easy catch, how will she feel? What if she takes your plan to "step it up" as saying she isn't good enough the way she is, how will she react? What if you both try but only you succeed. Will you stay with her? What if you both try and only she succeeds. Will she stay with you?

    If you want a hot girlfriend, work on yourself then go get one. The relationship won't be any better because it started when you were ugly. It will just be more likely to fail because you both will change so much. Stable relationships are stable because people in them are happy with who they are and with people they feel lucky to be with.

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