You using B$%&@$^

I helped with your kids, I give them attention when nobody thought it was worth it. People told me - watch out, they might steal something. I helped you with s***, I helped fix mowers and go carts and hauled your fridge and dish washer and other s***, when you needed a ride, when your kids needed a ride i gave you a ride,i loaned you crap, loaned you a 20 when you needed it, and had to steal it back to get it back. I listend to all the sobby stories about how he was so mean to you, how his parents were so aweful to you and how your life was so horrible. I cheered you up and made you laugh when you were down. I showed you how to forget about it and have some fun.

and when ya finally ditch the loser : your going after anybody and everybody EXCEPT ME.

f*** you, b****. Seriously. f*** you. I hope you get knocked up.

Jul 18, 2012

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  • I feel for you. I had the exact same thing happen to me with a stripper I met and "dated" (secretly) for over three years. In addition to her taking and taking and taking (money and other stuff) and postponing and then refusing to leave her boyfriend, her totally worthless, piece-of-s***, d*******, thieving teenage son came in my house and (at different times) stole a television, two cameras, a stereo, an antique clock, some family jewelry and various clothes. I wanted to strangle both of them, but when she wouldn't let me file charges on the little p**** and cried and whined and ranted and threatened to cut me off from the p**** until I said I wouldn't file, I wanted to kill both of them, but particularly the boy. Instead, I changed all the locks, sent the stripper back home to her boyfriend and told her if she ever called me again I'd call the cops and tell them where she kept her drugs. It still p***** me off......can you tell?

    I wish you luck with yours, but I swear to f****** God, dude ........... women are ALL the same. Every last m************ one of them.

  • It's her loss. Maybe you should thank her. Because she's shown you who she is. She's just a really selfish person and that's not who you really want to be with - is it? Doing nice things for someone shouldn't turn into a scorecard. Some women can't appreciate the nice guy that enters their life. Nexttime you meet someone, make sure they're willing to do nice things for you too. Otherwise, you feel like this.. Keep on looking until you can find someone that likes you for you and not the things you do.

  • Why would you want such a NEEDY b**** in the first place!? Find someone worthwhile. Man...

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