I have a really douche-y thing to confess.

I'm adopted and it was closed, meaning my parents don't know s*** about my birth parents. I've always wondered what the f*** I am, meaning my ancestry and all that s***. Then I wonder what my parents look like/are, and I always think "Oh I hope to god they aren't jews." Then I think, "Oh f***! What do I have against Jews?!" And I don't KNOW, they just p*** me off. And my Christian mom is constantly talking about how Jews are "god's people" and they're special and S***, and I wish I could say "Mum, I f****** hate hearing about how awesome Jews are; they're NOT, goddamnit." Of course I CAN'T 'cause then I'm "evil" and "a horrible person", even though my mother always says cruel things about arabs and muslims. She told me I can't date a muslim, seriously. And it p***** me off. I mean I'm not going to go out and date them because they're MUSLIM or whatever. If I brought home some creepy jew she'd be THRILLED, but OH NO, not a
MUSLIM!! Not someone with DARK SKIN!!! Dear god, help us!! F*** you, what makes the Jews so great? She's Christian but she's got all this jewish S*** in our house. Like her f****** jew symbols all over everything. I don't want a g****** jew star on my candle holder. I'm not a f****** jew and neither are you! They are not "god's people" they are just annoying f**** like the rest of us! Goddamnit!

I almost wish Israel would get bombed. Give me all your "racist! b****! pig!" comments. I don't give a flying f*** because I'm NEVER going to like Jews no matter how hard I try. I can put up with having them here, but I don't have to like ANYBODY. Just 'cause we have to be tolerant doesn't mean we gotta go kiss their ass. F***.

Nov 14, 2010

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  • Jews are behind the alt-right, there's basically no white nationalism left...

  • It's fine that u don't like jews but u wanna bomb israel cuz ur stepmom is creeping u out with jew stuff, thats a bit much buddy

  • I don't have a problem with Joos or any other race...but I loved your post. There's some wisdom deeply buried in your somewhat misguided rant. +1

  • Yea, it's sort of douche-y post..but you're being honest. Disliking a race or a religion is just ignorance. Sometimes people can say negative things and it's really frustrating - especially when you don't know what to think for yourself. But you can believe whatever you'd like. But in all fairness, I think your rant is really stemming from the fact that you have more questions about where you come from and just have no way of getting the answers you need. And what if you are a jew and that means you are hating yourself. So, I think you need to figure out things for yourself. Before you rush to judgment (about anything in life).. go check out a temple (jewish, buddhist etc), mosque, church (catholic, christianity, protestant etc..) etc..Expose yourself to people, cultures, food and other backgrounds - and get the facts for yourself first hand. Ask questions and then come to your own conclusions. You don't have to like everyone. Not everyone will like you. But at least give what you don't know about a chance. As for the dating thing..There are some amazing people out there, that you'll miss out on even knowing if you rule out something because of color of skin or who you want. Some way, some how your parents will deal with it.

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