I wanna Date a Married Woman

I was in my forties and educated well.I am otherwise a decent guy.

I am not dating anybody right now but I wanna date a married woman-actually a couple.I am straight but I want to be going out with a married woman with full knowledge of her husband.Hubby will have to be straight.

I want us to go out ,do things together and even sleep in the same bed.I wanna watch her hubby make love to her or watch me make love to her.I want her to come to my place whenever she wants and have s**,just as if she was mine. I even want to give her a baby if that is ok with her and her husband.

I think about this a lot.I am not sure why.People will find this to be offensive but,It turns me on endlessly.

Where can I find a couple like that I wonder!

Jul 18, 2012

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  • No, no, no.....the first guy was right.......you really ARE a sick f***.

  • I don't think you're a sick f***. I'm a woman but the thought of this also turns me on. I can understand you really wanting it.

  • you are a sick f***

  • yes I am lol.I just need a married woman to heal my sick desires:)

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