I feel awful about this...

I am a fourteen year old girl
When the school year ended, I was in love with a boy(he told me he loved me back)- He didn't want to ask me out though so i thought he was leading me on for a while. Basically, we did everything a couple would do, just never officially dated or anything.
It's about halfway through the summer and i think he's forgetting about me. I go to visit my dad in the summer, so I'm away for a while, and he hasn't texted or called for about two weeks. I tried to call him a couple of times and he never picked up, so I gave up.
I went to band camp a week ago and met a very cute boy, gave him my number, and found out he's kind of nasty... He asked for nude pics and things like that. I was so upset about the first boy that i actually sent him one... I feel horrible about that now...
I went to the pool yesterday and this hot junior was hitting on me, and tomorrow he's taking me out. I have always had a crush on my friend Kaylie, who I know is also bi and likes me. BUT THIS WHOLE TIME I KEEP THINKING ABOUT THE FIRST BOY!!! I can't go a day without thinking about him and I really don't like how I've been around other guys lately. I feel so dirty and mean, I'm a freaking w**** aren't I? Please tell me how to get my boy back. Please tell me the truth about my actions...

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  • Sounds like you're feeling a bit guilty about your actions. Don't be so h****** yourself. You're 14 and living and learning. You can't go back, so you can only go forward. Do what's right for you and stay safe. You sound like you have a really smart head on your shoulders.

    Sending photos...don't. You're still a minor, and in most places that is still considered child p**********. Plus, you don't know if that guy is sending that photo on to others..you don't want that stuff out there.

    Enjoy the attention. It's flattering and fun. But, you never have to give them what they want..It's always your choice. So, if some guy comes along and says they won't go out with you unless you sleep with him or send him pics - Say no, thanks and then find some other guy. Always respect yourself. You know how you want to be treated. Don't settle for less.

  • You know I did that to my girl friend and your whole thing just reminds me of the relationship. The whole story just reminds me of my life

  • Whats your name?

  • There is nothing wrong with sending guys nude pics, and there is nothing wrong with fooling around with other girls, *BUT* If you haven't officially broken up yet, you shouldn't be doing those things. It's only OK as long as you know for sure you aren't together anymore. Maybe he lost his phone and can't send you any messages? You don't know yet, and he might be thinking about you, expecting to be with you. Wait until you see him, and if he doesn't want to be with you THEN you can do as many slutty things as you want. It's good to be a s***, but don't be a w****.

  • The problem is that we were never actually together. He didn't want to be because I would just be gone all summer. I feel sooooo cruddy and I really regret all of this. I just want school to start back up again so I can focus on that.

    I've never really had guys like me before, so I don't know how to react to them, other than give them what they want... I really didn't want to send him pics, but he asked. I wish I just said no!

    Thanks for the advice.

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