I'm a feminine gayboy who's appearance is androgenous, often mistaken for a girl by those meeting me for the first time. When a freshman, a teacher for nearly two months thought I was a girl until realizing I wasn't, my name is Madison. I so love being a boy and always will be a boy, a feminine boy who loves the feeling of wearing pretty under garments, silk, satin and all beautiful garments girls' so love wearing, I wear panties and training bras nearly all the time. No one at my school knows I'm gay, that I cd sometimes, however, not often. I went as a girl to a senior dance recently with a really cute sophomore bi-boy from another school. We went into the boys' rest room where we were touching each other when my math teacher came in and saw us, the boy had my p**** out and was masturbating me. My teacher stood there and looked, asked our names and then asked if I was Madison. He knows it was me for sure, I had to admit it was me being so afraid what he would next. He told us to leave the rest room and best to perhaps leave the dance before others' realize it was me. We did stay a little while longer, noticed two other teachers' were constantly looking at me and my cute friend. Now when I'm at school I feel all the teachers' know, some even tell me what a nice looking boy I am, that they wish they had a son like me, they know for sure. One teacher even told me not to wear certain tops that reveal too much, that others' can see what I'm wearing beneath. Others' who have faced any sexual embarrassment, please feel that you may commit. How do you think I should go forward and get beyond this...? I even feel some students' know, boys' especially, so many touch me when talking to me, some put their hands on my shoulder or back, some even come really close to me, their body touching mine. I'll appreciate ang constructive comments.

Dec 5, 2019

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  • I'm feminine and a gay boy also. I started 8th grade this year as a girl Jamie instead of Jimmy. I even made out with a boy after our first school dance and was that special!!! What made everything happen was that I moved in with my aunt who lives in a city that has progressive school with other kids like me.

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  • Madison and the rest of you are all God 's defects and ought to be f****** shot you bunch of queers.
    You are not gay, gay means happy,jolly and how can you be happy with another man's d*** up your a*** that is meant for s******* only.
    You disgusting f****** weirdos. Ugh !!!

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  • That would never happen... You truly don't know or understand feminine gayboys', we are submissive to other boys', stronger boys' who love us as female boys', would protect us they would a girlfriend or little sister. We are boys' but like girls' in so many ways. I as many other feminine gayboys' aren't much into another boy doing oral on us, we prefer it be us doing the oral...

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  • I am a widower and in love with a feminine boy. I got to know him when he did some casual work in my garden about a year ago, his name is Jeremy and he is 15, blonde and really fit. I was watching him one day and noticed that when his shorts separated at the waist when he was moving something, I could see pink panties. It was summer, I went in and changed into a robe but naked underneath, went to the back door and called Jeremy in for a drink. I invited him to bring his drink into the lounge and we sat down on the settee.
    Once seated I let my robe drop away from my legs and I knew from his expression that he could see my erection from where he sat. I thought "in with a penny in with a pound" and told him I like his panties and can I see them. He took his shorts off and stood in front of me undid his shirt and I saw that he was wearing a pink bra as well.
    When I saw his bulge I fell in love, pulled him to me and buried my face against the bulge. He leaned down took my face in his hands and kissed me, I couldn't believe what was happening it was electrifying, then he had my erection in his hand and asked me to take him to bed.
    We snuggled under the duvet kissing and touching for ages, then he got on top of me, pulled his panties aside and forced my erection inside his bottom. How I loved him, how he loved me. Jeremy has been my lover ever since.

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  • I've just started high school this year and I'm a cute feminine boy and it seems that if another boy is interested in me it's cause they just want to get in my panties? In middle school it was way easier to be like I am?

  • I for one love cute fem boys. I would love to see pictures of you.

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  • I usually wouldn't reply to such vulgarity, however, you have it so wrong. So many think boys' like me exsist for the pleasure of others', not so! I will allow another boy to have what he so desires, only when I decide to have him... Another boy must truly treat me like he would his little sister, his girlfriend. I'm a weak boy, so, to feel feel safe I must feel loved foremost. With use of such crude words, I would never allow you or any other boy using such words to be near me. A boy like yourself, usually stronger than me can easily become sexually aggressive when over me, internally in me while hard and holding me, at that moment It can become so frightening! then where's my pleasure? I have no choice but totally submit while being raped.

  • I know what you mean and how you feel. Because I'm cutely effeminate acting and looking stronger more assertive boy's force themselves on me. Called "boy's being boys," date rapes are common for boys who are like us. I've come to expect it and actually like it?

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  • I for one don't like being raped, notwithstanding those who think, 'boys' will be boys'. It wasn't until the third time a stronger boy forced himself into me that I truly realized I was being raped! This boy held me down while choking me, I couldn't breathe and nearly passed out. I was so terrified and frozen with fear! He called me names, hurt me leaving bruises on my body and then after he stopped, asked me if I liked it! Feminine gayboys' truly need to be ever so diligent when around other boys' who are 'so called straight' or even bi. I so love bi-boys', they treat me like they would their little sister and or girlfriend, well nearly all do. What do I say to another boy who likes being raped...? learn to love yourself and realize that you like all others', deserve respect and should expect it, notwithstanding your sexuality.

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  • Sounds so good... very hot. Thanks for making me hard.

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