Boy problems

Right so I really like this boy and I've had other boy friends but I wouldn't really class them all as 'crush's' yet I met this boy at a party and I can't put my feelings towards him whatsoever because I'm scared he's going to object them. I have mad feelings for him and I don't even know how to tell him, he's really chill and so am I normally but now I've met him I always seem anxious and nervous, I always want to try and impress him, he told me he likes me quite a while back and now we're talking, but I'm scared to ask him if he still likes me incase he thinks I'm cringey, has anybody got any sort of advice 😴😴

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  • Damn just chill out if your interested ask him on a date he wouldnt have said that he liked you if he didnt

  • Just be who you are because if the two of you do get close, eventually you will come to be yourself. Let him know who you are without anything special, maybe that will impress him enough. And remember, he can only say yes or no.

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