I've been sniffing heroin for a week and I'm afraid I'll get addicted. My boyfriend doesn't know because I sleep a lot anyway! It makes me feel warm inside!!! I only told one person and she shoots it her arm! I'm so depressed!

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  • My ex stole 10k from me to fund her heroin problem, driving me into financial ruin, and spending a lot of the money I had saved for business school. She has been clean for two months now, after years of opiate use and at least 8 months of hard heroin use (shooting up, a lot). She said that despite losing me in the process she is happier now than ever, and that she didn't realize how much it f***** up her life until she got clean. I didn't dump her cause of the drugs, she cheated on me, but I still helped her get in a good clinic, and she says now a lot of what she did while on the heroin was s*** she wished she could take back, that it was a really bad idea. I try not to be judge mental, but I saw firsthand how it wrecked her and me in the process. It will be years til I can trust again, and it will be years til she can live a normal life. Please seek other means of being happy or escaping. For yourself and those around you, even if you're not currently hurting them. Just in case things go bad, you know?

  • Friend, Before we set our hearts too much on anything, let us examine how happy are those who already possess it. -Francois, duc de La Rochefoucauld, moralist (1613-1680)
    Before you start to do this on a daily basis ask were are those who have been doing it daily.?

  • Yall sound like a bumch of b****** let this crazy hoe do whatever she want i might might just be smashin for 20 lol

  • Yeah, because what you want to do is take advice on drug use from a chimp or a chimp wannabe. They are right about one thing, start down the road of heroin and you too can become a prostitute working for some 75 IQ monkey.


  • You gotta stop. Thats all there is to it.

  • "Your f****** retarted and clearly have never had ANY experience" (BTW, it's you're.)

    I don't have experience getting a cattle prong shoved up my ass either, but I can figure out the ramifications and know it's not all it's cracked up to be.

  • If you decide to go down that path then you are doing so knowing your chance of becoming a prostitute is high, you will at some point steal from those closest to you, you may spend significant time living on the street, you wil spend time in jail, and any other plans or ambition no longer matter.

    Every person starts heroin thinking they'll be one of those few that can handle it.

  • Ok the other DUMBASSES on this page clearly are what i call, sheep. You know the person that belived everthing that they was told when they was growing up. Now im am going to give it to you strait. Heiroin is not phisically addictive. Its made from a plant.And a much safer way to do it is to smoke it, thats pretty much garanteed not to kill you.Now if you have a addictive personality then you will tell yourself that you need it. But if you just do it on and off like, day to day, then youll be fine.I have done heroin for 10 years and i have raised a family. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks. I don't like it when ppl judge. I know powerful people that do it. So why can't I?

  • spoken like a true dumbass. You've done it for 10 years.. right, no problem there. It's not like you're keeping it a secret or anything... Spoken like a true addict.

  • Do yourself a favour and save your friends your dignity your money and your life now....STOP.You will quickly become addicted and want more and more of the drug.Your body will build up a tollerance to it so eventually you will need to take the drug just to feel normal.Your whole being will depend on Heroin.You will steal from your family and friends and lose everything.GOOD LUCK

  • Your f****** retarted and clearly have never had ANY experience.

  • please stop, heroin will ruin your life. tell ANYONE AND EVERYONE that will help you. heroin has ruined my life, and friends lives. get help now.

  • Your friends that ruined themselfs are stupid, if it wasnt heiroin, then they would have abused some other substance

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