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I am do lonely I think about killing myself all the time. My husband treats me like s*** and I day dream about being with my ex. I miss his romance and passion. I do not have that with my husband. He calls me fat and disgusting and threatens to hit me. He hasn't hit me yet, just throws things at me and trashes the house. I wish I could die so I could revisit the times of my past and feel that happiness again.

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  • This s*** soubds made up lol b**** just want some attention fat ass

  • Quit being an a******. it could be real.

  • I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and became so depressed to the point that I felt trapped and believed that dying was the only solution. He never laid a hand on me but abused me with his words and controlling ways. I had nothing left. I did try to kill myself and almost succeeded. It's now 2 years later and while it was a horrible road to recovery I am glad to be here. I realize that there is always a way to fix things and that you will be okay. You need a plan and a friend to help make a clean break. I promise you that it will be hard but that you will be okay. Support groups work wonders if you still need time before you are ready to leave. You will look back on this and realize how much more you deserve, and that the problem was not you or your fault. Another fact is that this kind of abuse will indeed turn physical. Don't wait around for that to happen.

  • I'll say it again. "You should marry the person you most admire and want to be like" Confuscious was on the money. It is time to step back and realize that life is too short and precious for the kind of thoughts and feelings you are suffering with. You are valuable, and judging by your words you are intelligent. Somewhere along the way you have begun to take what other's say about you as your identity.No-one can make you feel inferior until you let them.
    If you have a support system now is the time to use it. Begin making plans and leave when you have a place to go and goals for your life.In the meantime, look yourself in the eye everyday and list 5 great things about you.

  • Sounds like ny relationship and I too fantasize about dying during the worst moments.

  • Someday your present will kill you and your ex will participate the funeral...

  • Get a divorce and move on. staying will only hurt more.

  • Stop living in the past and complaining. There's a reason why that guy is an ex. But the guy you're with sounds like an ass. He is abusive. Saying mean things to you is emotional abuse. Threatening to harm you and throwing stuff at you is abuse as well. Stop listening to him and giving any power to the hurtful words he says. Not even sure if you're marriage is worth fixing/saving, that's for you to decide.You're not happy, then either make it work or leave. Get a divorce and move on. You are ultimately responsible for your life and your happiness. You need to make some changes NOW.

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