Your advances confuse me

I was happy to watch the first few seasons of Game of Thrones with you. It has been a great show. Was there any particular reason why you sat very close to me during the incest scenes? I honestly wouldn't have noticed but you put your head on my shoulder during one of them. After that it was hard not to see what you were implying. I would have s** with you but I just don't want to make the first move. Why can't you take the initiative? You are the oldest. You always got your way with mom and dad. I would be willing to let you have your way as well.

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  • Would like to know why the queen uk said she wants meghans father in a dark place before meeting him and the wedding, given that was the name of a book about the haunting in Connecticut that was also effecting my house after I watched the documentary on it last year I wrote about it in and it was a real event of some strange demonic activity after watching the doco the first time. I don't appreciate this queen woman trying to abuse me. I don't really care if she wishes to abuse meghans family but I do object to her abusing me and my family as she is way off beam to harm me ever again old lady. I respect you but I will not tolerate you abusing me queeny and as i am getting into my 40s I disrespect you and your institution more and more each day and the hypocritical acts you and the whole royal establishment are about. stop abusing our family with your witchcraft. if meghans father is doing witchcraft or her mother or her she will have to answer to that. and that is not a good way to start a marriage and she will suffer for it. stop abusing us. i don't have to like you.

  • If you want him then go for it. Take a small chance by giving him a hint, either verbally or physically. If he is really interested in you like you believe then he will go with it.

    Although some guys are just plain dumb and need an outright answer. Good Luck.

  • Um, I think the two people giving you advice do not realize that you are related to this person. You might want to "brand out" of the family tree.....

  • You have to make the first move, or tell him that you want him to. Otherwise from his point of view it is too much of a risk. I wish you luck.

  • Tell him. There's no way he's going to figure you're willing himself. Just ask him about it, and slowly let it out that you're willing. It'll make his sick dreams come true.

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