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So 3 years ago my mom died and it's just been the hardest 3 years ever. My dad hasent been acting right. Months before she died my dad was becoming really close with this kid that was our neighbor then she died and my dad brought him into our home because his mom was losing her job and lost her house and my dad told his mom that he can stay until she finds a home and a job. So a month turned into 3 years since then she never came and got him. My problem is that my dad pays more attention To him than to me and my brother and it hurts because when mom died he said "we need to be closer than ever its just us 3 now" and it's the total oppossit we are so disconnected. Me and my brother avoid home as much as possible because we can't stand the problems at home. this kid is 16 he smokes drinks and steals. And has no respect for my dad and his rules he takes his car and comes home whenever he pleases. Because of this I now have anxiety and depression and my dad doesn't know because if I tell him he's going to think I'm making it up for attention. And my brother is 15 he's at an age that he can absorb all of this and start doing drugs and drink WHY? Because he sees the kid living in our house doing it and my dad lets him and I want him out of our home before something tragic happens. But I know a tragity is going to happen first before my dad ever kicks him out..


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  • Talk to your dad more and tell the reasons.

  • Sorry for the loss of your mom. Are you certain that this other kid isn't your dad's own child? And that he just told you some story? You know, aside from taking care of you two maybe he just took this other child in so he doesn't have to grieve. You may not like or be able to control the 16 year old's actions. Because he sounds like he's dealing with his own set of problems. But you can certainly tell your father how you're feeling. If you don't say anything, then he is not given the opportunity to fix what is wrong. And the fix may not happen overnight, but maybe little things can improve things in your house. And give your dad some ideas of what you hope will happen. Not all adults or parents know how to handle situations, sometimes you have to drop hints or just tell that person exactly what you need and want to happen. If not, maybe you have grandparents or other relatives you can live with. As for your brother, not every 15 year old gets into drugs and alcohol. Getting him to talk instead of escaping could be the best course of action.

  • Well last night I finally talked to my dad because last night money went missing and I just couldn't keep my anger bottled up inside and he was concerned about my health but he just dosent want to kick him out he says he "made a promise and that he's his responsibility" which made me think what if it is his son? And I told him how I felt and he just dosent want to get rid of him he admired that he's causing problems but he dosent want to kick him out "into the street" but this kid has for me and my brother we really don't have anywhere to go all of our family is out of the country but thank you so much for the advice

  • *admited

  • So tough these situations.

  • Good god what a mes. Your Dad is doing q**** s** with this kid and doing drugs himself. Do you have anywhere else you can go?

  • No that's the thing :( all of my family is out of the country if I had family I would of left a long time ago :(

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