I hate my mom..

Geez all of these seem fake but I just wanted to vent.. Ok so this isnt a "I hate my mom because she took my phone away" or she "grounded me" I honestly don't ever want to see my mom again.. I know that people may have it worse than me, but this is why I hate my mom:

I'm 12 and my mom and my dad are divorced. She was constantly cheating on my dad when they were married. When my brothers were babies she would be gone for weeks at a time, suprisingly I was the only one that she didn't dissapear on as an infant. When I was about 4 she started to mainly cheat on my dad with one person, Chris, she even brought him to our house. My dad was gone and she gave us movie players to keep us busy while they went upstairs to my parents' room. Now I don't remember since I was 4 and watching Disney Princesses, but I can imagine what they were doing. My mom went on to seperate from my dad after she had an abortion with another man (my dad got a vesicteme, is that how you spell it?) and moved out in the middle of the night taking us. She and Chris later had a kid, who I love as a sister even though shes my half sister, and got married. But then my mom just forgot about us and stopped caring. Chris was mean and tried to act as if he was a dad and boss us around. She once went partying with my aun and left me, my siblings, and my cousins with two teenagers who were smoking week in our bathroom and getting paid for babysitting. At my half brother's 1st birthday party they were drunk and doing jello shots-I saw them in the fridge as well as them drinking them. My grandma has been married 6 times and now she is married to her son's wife's dad and spends her time partying with my mom. Since my dad had half custody, we had to go down to her house. But now that the FCS saw how bad she is to us, we have main custody with my dad. She was horrible, once she told my brother that she wished she wasnt his mom and that he wasnt her son. And once she told me that my dad is an a**hole and that I should live with her. When she doesn;t have any food or drinks in her house (besides Grey Goose Vodka and jello shots)and she leaves her two toddlers she had with Chris to us to take care of. I don't even have a bed at her house. She would rather do drugs in LA with Chris and get caught by the police than answer a phone call. Not t mention that all she does all day is sleep and take depression pills and party. Literlly last weekend she went to go party. Now they are divorced, Chris cheated on her and served her the divorce papers. But she still hasn't told us yeat even though we know. We heard them yelling at each othr in the middle of the night, my mom begged for him. Chris just uses all of her money and she is left to borrow money from my grandma. She doesn't talk to us for months now, the last time I saw her was in december at the first cheer competition she went to (In Vegas where she was gambling an I've done cheer for years now and had many competitions) and she thought we won because she wasnt really watching.. She doesnt even take care of her new kids.. But I guess that is what she gets for everything that she has done. She gets money from the tribe (We are native american and she lives on the reservation) and she spends it all on shoes and Louis Vuittion purses instead of food for her children.

And thats just a summary..

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  • seriously go see a good counsellor / psychartrist :-) These are serious issues and you would benefit from treatment. I know what a messed up childhood can be like. My mother tried to commit suicide by crashing the car with me in the car. But I got help when I was older, and now I'm fine :-) Take care

  • f*** this preaching c*** who is full of bullshit look in to bible contradiction for more info. Fact is you got dealt a s***** family. Get a job and ditch with your siblings learn from your mothers mistake and don't be like her. Good luck.

  • Hi - it sounds like there's a generational curse running through your mother's family line. This would explain your mother taking after her mother's behavior. The only person
    who can break this curse is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Ask Him to forgive all of your sins, then ask Him to save you for eternity so that you can live with Him in Heaven when you leave the earth. Then forgive everybody (including your mom, grandmother) for their sins against you. You don't have to feel the forgiveness for them - that will come later. Its the act of the will that's important. When you forgive, that allows God to heal you completely of physical, spiritual, and emotional wounds and illnesses. Ask Jesus to lead you to a Bible-believing church (assembly) where the preaching and teaching is confirmed by miracles, signs, and wonders. Remember, if they're not preaching Jesus Christ crucified, they're not the real deal.
    I will be praying for you. You are very blessed that you have chosen to deal with this problem at 12 rather that wait til later (when it would be even harder). God bless you and yours. D.

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