Ok so umm . i made a facebook... and umm adding my friends when i noticed this cute dude.. that i was before.. so i added him to.. soo we started talking he likes me yay! but i kinda lied to him): hes like 14 im only 11 an i said i was 14 ..i told him i wanted to hav s** with him he said "ooo when we smash" i said dunno.. " you think u can handle it" yea yea i can.. but im scared i mean i lied but i like him hes older but if i tell him i was younger he wouldnt even talk to me!! i dunno wht to do.. i like him..

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  • Love to have some 11 yr old p****

  • 11 and 14 is not a big age gap, in fact it's so close in age that it shouldn't even matter, s** at your age is normal but should only be considered if you are sexually educated, and are willing to accept all consequence's of your sexual activity, I know there are many people out there that will disagree with what I'm saying and that's ok because they're entitled to their opinion. I think you should come clean and tell him the truth, if he won't talk to you because of your age, well then you're better off with out someone like him, because if anyone can't accept you for who you really are, then you will always be living a false existence, having to lie and accept things that you may not want or believe in things that you really don't believe in, just to gain acceptance from others, by then you'll be well on your way to becoming just an other unsuspecting sheeple of societal rule.

  • i remember i was 13 and this 19 year old was hitting on me and i dont lie so he asked me how old i was so told him he just backed away LOL

  • OMG that happened to me a while back... and im 13... Creepy.

  • i didnt get creeped out because it happened alot , because i looked older then i was .. if you live in my town it happens a lot..

  • ok peeps new commenter here if you really think it's creepy or dumb for a 19 year old to back away from a 13 year old i'll tell you what being a nineteen year old myself i find it hard to see you as anything other than kids that's why he "freaked out" he knew you were too young and said no before you wouldn't...

  • wow 11 year olds having s**??? Yeah the human race is about to die......

  • Why is the human race going to die, just cause 11 year olds are having s**? It can't be that bad, I knew of 8 year olds who were having some kind of sexual encounters even intercourse and they enjoyed it they never had any psychological problems. If that's our destiny then let it be!

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