Girlfriends saggy t***

My girlfriend flashed when we were at mardi gras. She is proud of her big t*** but all my friends call her saggy sandy now.

Jul 26, 2012

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  • When I was in college, I saw twins, these 2 sisters were identical and had very nice size identical b****. Neither of them were the least bit over weight and you definitely noticed their headlights. I never got to see either one of them without clothes on. So 2 years later at UGA, I was living off campus and I guy I knew said I will get you a date. well my date turned out to be one of those big booked twins. I was very surprised and happy to possibly have the chance to actually see a pair of b**** that I had fantasied about 2 years before. So the moment happened and I felt so bad for this beautiful young lady, her b**** looked amazing in a bra but fell almost to her waist when the bra came off. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the time with her but felt bad for her knowing if she did not get a b*** lift, her b**** would always look better in a bra.

  • It doesnt matter if they are saggy or firm, what matters are that they are hers and she must get amazing sensations from them.

  • Omg saggy b**** r sooo hot look at teri hatcher she hsa saggy b****

  • I honestly prefer saggy t***. The are the best!

  • Dump the b****

  • Saggy t*** doesn't look so hot, but they feel hot.

  • I once went out with a girl like this. In a bra, looked great. Take that thing off and they're spaniels ears.

    So I told her.

  • Bwahahahahahahaha

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