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My wife's mom got knocked up in high school with my wife then broke up with that guy and met her husband in college, She then had issues getting pregnant but eventually got pregnant with my wife's sister about 17 years after my wife was born so her sister is way younger than her, My wife is 40 and her sister is 23 I believe and a total smoke show. My wife is short and petite while her sister is almost 6 feet tall and has humongous b****, She is a total "slim and stacked" girl and sadly my wife got ripped off in the b*** dept. Either big and saggy or small and firm would have been ok but she has small and saggy b****, Don't get me wrong, She is smoking hot in my opinion but did get ripped off when it came to b****.
My wife's siter is tall, Slim, stacked and has long blonde hair and greyish green eyes which look really hot, Like I said she is stacked and is a very nice sight to see in a bikini, She was over at our house the other day and I came wandering in, I said something to my wife and she pointed to her mouth showing me she had whitening strips on and couldn't talk. I just nodded and walked away and just then the bedroom door flung open and her sister came out, She was looking down at her b**** and trying to squeeze them back into a dress, They were hanging out both sides and she laughed saying "Well...This won't work".
I stopped and stared at her huge t***, Big pink nippers and just perfect, They had just the right amount of hang to them and the freckles set off the pale white skin perfectly, Just as she stepped into the hallway she looked up, stopped with her hands under her b**** and said "Well...F***" and she took a half dozen steps backward with her big t*** hanging out not even trying to cover them as I stared and then she closed the door.
I turned around and my wife peeled out her white strips, Cleaned up her drool and just held her arms up, I said "What?", She said "Really?... did you have to stare?", I looked at her and said "Pffft...Don't even...Did you see her, Her t*** are amazing", My wife just shook her head and rolled her eyes and said "You're a pig" and walked away, Her sister came out a bit later and although embarrassed we all had a laugh about it.

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