Hubby's request

My husband has been trying to get me to f*** other men for a couple of years. I have resisted because in chubby with big saggy t***(42gg) I want to but worried they would laugh at my fat body. What should I do or would you want to f*** someone like me?

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  • I'm a fat S*** and get f*** regular

  • Chubby and saggy not what men like

  • Bull s***

  • Find guys that like fatties. There are plenty of them out there.

  • A dude wrote this I saw 42 gg on another post

  • F*** off troll

  • Lots of men would play. Seek out men that specifically would be into you. Good luck!!

  • Your body sounds absolutely MAGNIFICENT! Wow!!!!! Yes, dear sweet mother of God, yes! I would do you in a heartbeat.......and I would never stop doing you. Not ever. And can I inquire about the size of your waist and hips/butt? Would LOVE to know.

  • Thank you darling, ss I have said my t*** are saggy 42gg with large areola and large fat nipples. My belly is is 36in and my hips 40in, my p**** is is plump and hairy and my a*** is a nice round shape.
    Last night as I was getting f***** by my hubby I thought of your reply and told him that I wanted to be f***** by other men and suck their c**** etc. He c** filling me with lots of s****.
    Tonight 3 complete stranger's are coming to our house to f*** me

  • It was amazing stripped and ducked by 3 men as hubby watched and walked. I want 5 next time. They humiliated me calling me a fat S*** and I loved it

  • Liar

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