Finally happened

My girlfriend of 2 years and I have been playing around with exhibitionism stuff and mostly just with strangers and very few opportunities that both of us were comfortable with but last night it finally happened, I have sort of always wanted to try and do something in front of one of her friends and we have done a little, Braless for her in front of guy friends and whatnot but she's not super comfortable doing stuff in front of friends.
Yesterday we spent the day boating and went to my girlfriends place after for drinks, We put the kids to bed and continued drinking with her two friends (Husband and wife), Around 1:00am everyone was pretty drunk and they decided to go home, Shortly after they left I noticed her friends purse sitting by the table as we were cleaning up, I mentioned it to her and she was going to message her friend that she would just put it inside, I said "Why don't you wait a few minutes ad see if one of them comes back for it?" and raised my eyebrows at her, She was pretty drunk and giggled saying "Oh stop it", I shrugged and said "Let's just wait".
We cleaned up and I was keeping an eye from the deck because I could see the corner they would walk around if one or both of them did come back and it worked perfectly, I seen her (Female) friend come stumbling around the corner, I know my girlfriend is more comfortable exposing herself etc. to guys but this was too good to pass up , I quickly told her and she got nervous stuttering and protesting as we whispered and sneaked in the house, Her master bedroom has large windows facing the back yard and can be seen into from the deck. I left the one kitchen light on so I could see the deck but it was still very dimly lit and we went to the bedroom, I quickly dropped my pants, Grabbed her handcuffs and she said "Oh my gawd, Seriously?", I whipped her top off and she was super nervous about her "Mom b****" which are large and a little saggy but not bad at all in my opinion.
I quickly set up my phone to record out the window from the night table and sat at the foot of the bed which gave the best chance of her friend being able to see us, My girlfriend looked confused and I said "You'll see", We had the window open a bit from earlier and I told her to kneel, She was basically panting from nervousness as she knelt down, I was watching the deck from the corner of my eye and as we heard the gate squeak my girlfriend looked up at me and whispered "I don't know", I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her head down as I watched her friend poke her head around the corner.
Her friend is reasonably attractive, Short, Slim, Decent rack and not bad looking, She looked straight into the bedroom and her eyes got wide, She covered her mouth and took a step back around the corner, After about seconds I seen her peek her head back around and looked around to see if anyone was around then crept to the steps of the deck, She was 100% trying to get a better vantage point and was very interested. I am not huge, 7.5" long but have good girth so I had a hold of my girlfriends pony tail and was pulling her head all the way back so her friend could see the whole thing, Her friend carefully stepped up to the deck and looked around, She grabbed her purse from the table and went back to the steps.
I thought her friend was going to leave and would have been happy with that as a relatively first time exposing to a friend but she stopped at the steps and took one step to the left putting her in the best spot to be able to see it all, My girlfriend pulled back and whispered "Yes?", I moaned "Oh f*** yeah", She closed her eyes as I pushed her head back down and she got to work, Her friend kept looking around and watching us and then I stood up in front of my girlfriend which gave her friend a full view of my c*** as I leaned forward and my girlfriend sucked my b****.
I was still watching her friend out of the corner of my eye and seen her slide a hand up her shirt, She put her purse down and fumbled around and then eventually pulled her shirt up, Pulled one b*** out and stood there watching us while rolling one nip in her fingers, She has average sized, saggy b**** and surprisingly dark nips which are kind of oblong, I could see she was very excited and then she slid her other hand down her pants, She stood there and watched my girlfriend sucking my b**** while I stroked my d*** and she played with herself. I pushed my girlfriend onto the floor on her back so she was sideways to the window and I straddled her chest and held her hands above her head with one hand, I put the tip of my d*** in her mouth and seen her look to the window, I pulled out, Stroked my d*** like 3 times and blew my load.
At the time I sort of felt bad, It was a massive load, Even I didn't expect it to be that big, I shot half on her face and the shuffled back and blew 2 more times on her t***, I whispered for her to rub it into her t*** and she laid there with her eyes closed muttering "You're a f****** a******", I had kind of lost track of her friend for a couple minutes and when I looked again she was fixing herself up and sneaked off the deck but left the gate open. My girlfriend went and cleaned up and came back, She was a little mad about the facial but I could also tell she was very turned on. I grabbed my phone and stopped recording and my girlfriend asked if I had just recorded us or her friend and I told her "Maria".
She crawled into bed and snuggled up and bit her lip, I looked at her and she said "Are we going to watch it?", I said "If you want to", She said "Well...I know you are so we may as well watch together". I connected my phone to the T.V. and started the video, I nailed the camera angle perfectly, She waited about 3 seconds and started stroking my d*** while we watched, When her friend lifted her shirt she whispered "Do you like her t***?", I shrugged and said "I probably would like them better in your mouth", She squeezed my d*** hard and I said "Ok, Ok...They aren't...Terrible", Her friend came earlier than I thought and she cupped her b*** and squeezed it while rubbing herself fast and hard in her pants, Her whole body shook and she stood there watching still, She slowly slid her hand out of her pants and it was obvious she was looking for something to wipe it on but eventually just wiped it on her pant leg.
She stayed and watched rubbing her t*** through her shirt and when I pulled out and came her jaw dropped, We watched her mouth the words "Oooohhhh fuuuuuck" and she bit her bottom lip pressing against her pelvis through her pants. After her friend sneaked off the deck my girlfriend jumped on top of me and said "Play it again", We watched it three more times while we f***** and my girlfriend had 2 o******, we discussed it at length and she is all in for doing it again and has basically said she doesn't even care who watches now, She is all in.

12 days

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