I can't even bring myself to tell you

I can't even bring myself to tell you how much i truly regret what i have done out of jealousy and anger.One day a friend and I went to a free clinic to get tested for hIV .we were on the low end of our friendship due to her new buyfriend taking up all her time.I felt hurt and devastated to be ignored when I had helped her so much.I had previously helped her to move into my house because her father was sexually abusing her.then she claimed that my father had made a move on her at the time I did not believe her but later discovered that it was true.I then proceeded to kick her out when I knew she had no where to go and there is where my story latches on to the day in the clinic.we decided to switch our names she would recieve mine and I hers.well her moving into my house and then having to leave happend all in the 2 week period that are required for blood results.to make this short I told her she was negative .two days later just to give har a hard time I called her up and not understanding that what I was about to do would haunt me for the rest of my life I decided to tell her she was HIV positive.............

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  • If this b**** wants to make up for what she did, she should be telling her friend the TRUTH!! All though, if I were the friend, I would get tested again, and read my own damn results! Then I would come kick the s*** out of you!

  • Revenge is a dish best served cold.....

  • I agree with you she made a mistake lay off!!It's a good thing she confessed,anything like that is hard to keep all inside and not have anyone to tell for the fear of being Linched.Have some compasion,and to think that we actually call our selves Human.think before you talk.

  • You people don't need to be f****** a*******. She came on here and confessed this because she feels terrible about it.

    She doesn't need a stupid hateful j*** saying any s*** to her. She knows what she has done.

  • You're a terrible person, and an even worse friend. Not just for being a lying hobag, but for kicking her out when she was honest with you that your daddy is a disgusting perv, and the only reason he's probably never made a move on you is that you are just nasty and awful.

    Now go kill yourself.

  • That's pretty funny.

  • Fix it.

  • thats horriable

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