Wanted me to Pray for Her

In 2010,my kids mom told me that if she found me on the street dying,she would pass by and not even help me. She even told me that I should have not been born;I should have just been my mom's period.
This week,she got very sick and went to a clinic.He doctor thought she might have stomach cancer and sent her to a specialist.
On the night she was to see the specialist,she was too stressed out and worried about her life ending that she could not sleep.I had our kids and she text me in the middle of the night saying "Please pray for me am really really scared,cant go to sleep. This is the day ave been waiting for! Tell the kids I love them and will always do".
I asked her why she needed the prayers but she never told me.I later told her I will pray. After the appointment the next day,she text "Thank for the prayers,everything went well with the procedure I had". I simply replied "Welcome".
This woman has been so mean to me for 5 years.I don't wish her anything bad.
I have always been so nice,compassionate and loving to her.What shocked me is that she thinks nothing of my life,even as the kids dad,but wants me to beg God to spare her prescious life?

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  • Well you did the right thing praying for her even though she's been a thorn in your side for years, you showed love and compassion while she showed anger, hatred and envy. blessing from the creator are yours!!

  • I am sort of angry at myself.I am a kind person, loving, industrious,have multiple graduate degrees-believe it or not,but I have made the worst decisions in my life when it comes to choosing women.

    I have kids with two of the meanest women in the planet;If it wasn't for the help of God and American courts,these two women would have fried me and feed me to the vultures of the blue skies.

    According to all the people I know,work with,family members,daughters,employers,etc.,I am a great guy.But the same people say I have wasted my entire life chasing after women who are no good for me or think absolutely nothing of me.

    My older kids' mom was homeless and a runaway when I met her.We were both young.She moved in with me,got pregnant twice,we got married after and ultimately divorced,all within 7 years.I got custody of the daughters. I never learned.

    Years later,I met my second set of kids'mom at a friends house.She was much younger than I and really showed genuine interest in me and was sweet to me.I helped her out,she moved in with me,got pregnant twice and decided to move on with the kids.She said she never wanted me-she just wanted someone to get her pregnant.She plans to raise the kids with any other man except me. She says I'm too old for her and the sons.I went to court and now we have a joint custody.Some modifications are being made but for the last 6 months,we each have the kids every other week.I love that.
    I have 4 kids and I cannot believe that I will never be able to raise any of them with their mothers to adulthood.I have spent over 20 years going in and out of court.I love being a dad and husband or boyfriend.But I have either had the worst luck or I have made the worst decisions in mate selection. I hope to do better next time. I honestly need prayer and guidance.

  • Sounds like a self centered b****.

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