Tired of being that "guy"

This happened years ago and I can't let it go...

My wife (then girlfriend) cheated on me early into our relationship and to this day, the emotions about that time in my life have been eating away at me. Everyday there is a steady feeling of erosion.

At the time we hashed it out, she apologized, promised that it wouldn't happen again.

Recently, she made a comment about what she would have done, if we switched positions in that situation. She claimed that she would have broken up with me. Cut & dry.

That really cut...and after telling her that..she could careless about how I felt about her opinion.

I confess...that I started to hate her when I found myself at a doctors office, asking for a blood test (screening for STD's/HIV), my hate increased when during our cooling off period-she continued to make herself available to the other person, my level of hate increased when (after years of this event happening) I am learning new details about it. And to top it off, she can tell me with a straight face, that I should have broken up with her..but she loves me?

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  • You messed up by marrying someone who had already proven herself to be a cheater. Male or female, they don't change, ever. Cut your losses, forgive yourself for being willfully blind, and move on.

  • Ddon't be that guy then... leave her cause she seems to take you for a joke. You don't need that s***. Find someone else

  • There is only one way for a person to be faithful to their husband or wife, and that way involves giving their lives over to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Fornication (any sexual liaison outside of marriage between a man and a woman) is "energized" or driven by a spirit/personality who can be resident inside a
    man or woman. The only person who has absolute authority over
    this demon/fallen spirit, is the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God/Jesus, and God the Father (YHWH). Call on Jesus and ask Him to forgive you for all your sins. Ask Him to take over your life, and give you His Holy Spirit. Find a Bible-believing church, and go to Bible study so you can find out what is really happening to you, and the rest of the world.
    Don't put this off. We never know when we will die. Tomorrow may be too late.

  • LMAO! Riiiight, religious people never cheat. Let's start with the very mentally stable Jim Bakker and work our way forward (and backward) from there, shall we?


  • I hate to do this to you but let me tell you about me briefly. I have slept with hundreds or women,different races and marital status.I have had wives sneak out of their marriage beds, at night, just to come and be in mine for a few hours. I have cheated on women I have been dating or married to in ways you will not believe.Much of the reason for all these is that my very first girlfriend(I had taken her virginity)cheated on me.In almost every serious relationship I have been in,the woman or wife has cheated on me.Then I decided there was no reason to be faithful.I decided to f*** regardless of my marital status or theirs and mostly,I am happy I made that decision.
    Few months ago,I had s** with a married woman in her late 40s. From what she told me,her hubby has never had s** with anybody else other than her.He caught her cheating twice when they were teens.He forgave her the first time and threatened to break up with her.She promised to be faithful. After he got comfortable,she did it again.She took off,he begged her to return and she did.From then on,she has been actively and discreetly cheating and even has a steady boyfriend at times. Hubby thinks she is faithful. so far,she has had s** with over 100 men and hubby knows nothing about that.I have no clue what you will learn from these two brief stories but,GOOD LUCK and best wishes.

  • Dude You are scumb, sounds like what happened to me, I was faithful and my wife cheated before we were married I forgave her after almost a year of begging and 25 years later I found out she never stopped. I cant believe people... I told her if she wanted to three years ago she could, told me she wouldnt do that, come to find out she was lying... all she had to do was be open...

    No I'm not a looser, I have a 60 hour work week to provide college to 2 of our 5 kids and a very comfortable lifestyle for us..

    People are s***!!!!!!!!

  • There are two sides to a story ... but it's sounds like u need to end the marriage because it seems she's gonna continue to hurt you and increase your misery ... get out now .. and try to experience/find something better

  • I agree. She is rubbing salt in your broken soul and she shows her disdain for you by showing that she dispises you for keeping her.

  • I agree with your opinion. Some people who hate themselves despise and hate those who love or put up with them. This wife takes the hubby to be the scum of the earth for staying after he found out she was a cheat. She never could have stayed with him had she found out he was cheating.She told him flat out she would have left him if tables were turned.She thinks he is a joke and has no options so she will continue to treat him like scum.I am so sorry for him.Its always the good men who get s*** rubbed all over their faces for fun.

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