Unrequited love

I am a 40 year old married guy who came out to one of my best friends a bi a couple of years ago. I have always found him attractive and he has always been single for long periods and never had a long term relationship leading me to suspect he might be gay. Early on it our friendship, before I met my wife, I suspected he liked me but I never discussed it with him.

Recently we were getting drunk in London and we were talking about his orientation and he described himself as 80% straight and 20% bi. I admitted that this turned me on a bit and I hit on him. He turned me down and said he didn't look at me that way. we are still friends and his attributes the event/chat that night to too much drink. I am really hurt though and I want him so much.


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  • Man up! You are such a bedwetter

  • Who cares

  • It's tough. I feel for you man.

  • Thanks - I keep crying and I feel so vulnerable around him now

  • TFB. He's not into you, so quit pushing yourself on him. Just because being bi or gay is socially acceptable now is no reason to be a creep. You wanted equality, you got it-- and now you get to get called out for being a manipulative little simp. Go back to your spouse and attempt to become an adult at some point.

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