Totally Unexpected Sexual Act

I am an average guy of 30, works as a manager in a medium business, this happens on a day, when our office works only till afternoon.

I had no clue of what was about to happen that evening, when I invited a colleague who was 22, to my home for watching a movie together, the movie was 'enemy at the gate' a pretty violent movie with lots to focus on, and I was immersed in it, and all this while, my colleague was massaging my hands and moving his hands over my chest as I was laying on the bed and he sitting at the headrest of the cot, sometimes he bought his hands over my chest and was pinching on my nipples, I didn't know this was all part of his show of love towards me.

And, later in the evening we went out for food and came back home, as he insisted to have food at my home, when we were having dinner, he finished his first, and as I was standing and completing mine, he was touching my p****, now it was becoming erect, I still didn't think it would end up the way it end up, I thought he was too sissy, and couldn't stop touching while talking.

and when I finished my dinner and told let's go out, as I was supposed to drop him back home, and got out of my apartment, as I was sliding the key in the keyhole, he was hugging me from behind, and pressing my butt, he whispered in my ear and requested, please open the door, I opened the door, I didn't bother switching the light back on. and he was like, this should not affect our friendship, as he was unbuttoning my jeans, and I told its OK, and then he went down and was kissing the tip of my p****.

he came back up and asked is it OK, please let me, I was like, OK go ahead, I was thinking this is the first time I am going to be blown by a male, and he went down and he was licking the length of my c***.

He nudged me to the bed, I laid down, and he removed my pant, and he started to suck on my p**** like crazy, Wow, never had a girl sucked me so well, it felt so good, I was like going crazy, he was asking is it OK, I told this is the only time this is happening, and he continued to suck, and it was amazing, I was becoming so hard, now I could feel my c*** inside his warm wet mouth, it was fully in, and he was rolling my b**** with his tongue, then he started to suck on the b****, it was amazing, and then again he put the p**** in his mouth, I told him, I am about to go, and held the back of his neck, and came entirely in his mouth, he drank it all, and he was still sucking on it, I was like, what is happening, it was over, and he was still sucking, I told him, enough, enough now, and he got up and went to the toilet.

I got back up, he came out, and we left the house, on the way he asked me how it was, I didn't reply, as I knew if I did, this would become regular.

But, hmmm, sexual orientation issues.... I still don't think being gay is right, and everyone should be attracted only to the opposite s**.

Jul 27, 2012

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  • Oh s**** these people calling you those awful words.
    Being straight/bi/gay is okay.
    If its you, its you.
    Its just a preferrance.
    Im a female, ive been with men and women. Not as many women as men but i embrace the person for them not their gender.
    (When i say 'been with' i dont necessarily mean slept with. Never slept with a man.)

  • F** lover

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