Addicted to **

I do not know what is wrong with me but i like to watch **. at times i try to stop but it always start again. i am a christian and a virgin. its just weird

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  • Heyy ** is great
    Hahaha i watch it most nights cept for when im on the rag.
    Pshh and that ** cuz thats the 1 week im the most **.
    Like a jack rabbit.
    Im not kidding. I get so ** it hurts.
    Maybe its cuz im 16 and a virgin, but **.

  • There is nothing wrong with watching **. At all.

    As long as you aren't, as I said before, ditching responsibility to watch it endlessly.

    And what in the world would be a "risky" thing? Masturbating? I hope not because that is completely normal and better than him going out getting some girl pregnant at a young age. Watching ** and masturbating doesn't lead to robbing banks or shanking old ladies.

    And I made the comment about christianity because a lot of christians preach that masturbation is bad and it isn't. It's wrong for a religion to make you feel shame for something that is completely natural.

  • No it's not weird. You're ashamed because you're christian and you're so damned ** because you're a virgin.

    There is nothing wrong with looking at **. There is nothing wrong with masturbating. It's completely normal for all of these things except the feeling that it's wrong. As long as you're not devoting ALL of your free time and neglecting schoolwork/responsibilities. When you start ditching Sunday school to whack it in the bathroom while watching ** on your smartphone is when you need to start browsing the yellow pages for a psychiatrist.

  • ** is okay....but, realize one thing, many of the girls in ** do it for the money.

  • It's not weird at all: the urge toward ** is normal and natural. But to the extent that it drives you toward behaviors you know are wrong, or threatens to overtake your life or make you do risky things, it's definitely the devil attempting to drive a wedge between you and God.

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