I'm a horrible person.

I'm 16. I've slept with 7 people. Only 3 of those people are people whom I don't regret sharing myself with. I'm trying so hard to be better, I've learnt from previous mistakes, but the fact that I've slept with 7 people is always in the back of my mind and it makes me feel like a f***** up person. Regretting this won't change a thing, but I do, every single day.

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  • DON'T BE WORRIED. There's no problem s** is awesome and really makes me burn inside to see how people it's so damn stupid thinking that s**'s bad and that you should be married to do that. F*** IT. S** is pleasure enjoy it's natural theres 1 life only. No prob with that. F*** every single person you want. Don't regret about it just enjoy.

  • you should never have regrets in your life,you only live once.move on.9HC

  • I'm 17 I've slept with over 30 I enjoy s** so should everyone, I use protection 90% of the time and get checked for sti every month ... To this day (touch wood) I've not caught anything. We should just enjoy ourselves if there's one thing I've learnt is that life is too short to regret the things we have done. I'll be 18 in two months and haven't had any sexual contact in the last 4 months, i feel like I've enjoyed myself I've got it out my system :)

  • Can i be the 31?

  • Well if you regret it then your a ok person... Just go do something to get your mind off it.

  • You're clearly a whorey w**** w**** and you'll likely die of aids. Nah I'm kidding.. About the AIDS.. But you are a w****. I'm 98 and I'm still a virgin. T***!G******* I'm high.....

  • if you give me your number we could make it 8

  • you can't change the past, but you can control the future

  • Frankly, I find you pathetic, I am a man and I resist all temptations of s** outside of a committed relationship. Is it really that hard to just keep you're legs closed? If you like a dude so much why not just back the f*** up for a month or two, see how it goes then try getting intimate, trust me, you'll feel alot better about yourself if you do. I loathe people like you who are so immature, selfish, and act like they have such little control over their own body and emotions that they cant just be with one person at a time. Stop crying over your own conscious actions like you didnt have a choice in the matter. Grow up and have some respect for yourself or you'll end up a fat old sac of s*** like the majority of highschool s**** out there.

  • being a s*** is not so bad...unless you are spreading VD...are you?

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