I'm a second choice

Okay so I'm 12 years old and I'm going into 7th grade and I'm really nervous!! Well I have like 1 GOOD friend named Jennifer and I DO talk to other people but at recess all the girls hang out in a little group and I'm just with my friend and then in class when the teacher says, get with a partner, I just get the leftover person like for example A girl was looking for a partner but all of the other girls were taken so I was her second choice. Then one day I was with some four girls And all of a sudden a girl was gonna tell a secret to a girl that didn't know and she said to me, can you please go for like 5 minutes? And I didn't know what to do. By the way that girl is the only one that is mean to me ALL the time. Some girls are mean to me for like two or thre times but this one is mean to me ALL the freaking time and her best friend used to be nice to me last year and now she's freaking mean because she's best friends with Cassie! Yes that's the mean girl's name. Then I go to karate and this boy likes me back and he's going to my school next year and I'm not popular but I still have friends, well I'm not worried about boys because they DO like me and the reason girls hate me is because I'm GORGEOUS so they're jealous that the reason so it's actually a good one and my BFF Lorena is there next year so I'm not gunna hang out with Jennifer cuz she's a loner so yes I HAVE to hang out with loners because popular girls don't like me because theyre jealous. My point is they're all weird girls.

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  • So, you're like 12-years-old. And this Jennifer girl is a loner. But you won't be friends with her because you're getting "better" ones and loners are weird. You're no better than 'Cassie.'
    I'm fifteen - though that might not be a wise age - and I'm a loner. I'm attractive, I know because boys come up to me confessing their feelings constantly. But because I'm shy, I say no even though I think it's rude. I pity too much. I'm too shy so I end up being a loner - not a complete utter loser without friends - but a girl who is always picked last or ends up having to work by herself. Just because a girl is a loner doesn't make her weird or a complete loser...if she's stuck by you all this time, she's not much a loner anymore now is she? But your philosophy is: "Out with the old, in with the new." or maybe something more specific, "Out with the loner Jennifer, in with the hot guy from karate and my old BFF Lorena."
    That makes you no better than 'Cassie' if you drop old and uncool friends like snowflakes in the winter.

  • are u gay?

  • I'm also 12 as well- some girl got a group and started following me around my street on the weekends while teasing me.. so I punched the main girl :3 I got grounded for 3 months but it was going on for like.. 7 months

  • boring s*** haha ikr well i got a whole lotta friends but i dont think u need 2 worry just tell the girl thats mean to you to go play wid her self and then move on wid your life =]

  • I am 12 as well. I'm not popular because all they do is talk about other people and do stupid boring s***! Trust me, popular girls suck...Just stay in your own group and don't bother with them...And if hey spread rumors about you make some about them...Just remind yourself, Your better then them!

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