I crave my boyfriend's best friend

I want to to f*** my boyfriend's best friend. don't get me wrong, I love my boyfriend very very much. Ill do anything for him, infact if it were any other guy i'd probably give in to my temptations by now. This guy is soooo hot. whenever he comes over and I watch them hang out on the couch I just want to have them. maybe both! I know its wrong to think like that. whenever he leaves my boyfriend and I always have hot steamy s**. I often fantasize its him. I feel so guilty. Yesterday he came over, my boyfriend went out to meet with his sister. it was just me & him. he decided to get into the pool. his abs are to die for. his looks aren't the only thing that makes me hot for him. I've known him for a very long time, 6 years. since high school. he's such a nice guy. I love him, but I love my boyfriend. I dont know what to do. I just want to sleep with him, just once. omg!

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  • I'm in the same boat right now. My boyfriend as a friend who comes over all the time. He flirts with me and tells me I'm hot and is always messaging me. I just want to f*** him but my boyfriends not havin it

  • Just take the plunge and f*** him! Make sure he won't tell anyone and it's a one time thing then f*** him

  • Well I have a very similar situation. Me and my boyfriend have been together 5.5 years. Ive strayed in my mind before but , Ive never acted on it. Except one stupid body shot at a bachelorette party. Me and my bf agreed it wasn't cheating and he thankfully forgave me. So now his friends back from the military, and some how we just turn a conversation into s** jokes. There's something there we both know it, just attraction not real feelings. No matter how bad I want him to f*** my brains out, it cant happen. Although what's really a tough relationship. Ones that stray but stay faithful or ones that havent strayed but aren't strong... who knows, all I know is I need to stay away from his friend..

  • I have the same thing for my dudes best friend. I love my boyfriend. Crazy thing is I hate his best friend. With a passion but I still want to f*** his brains out. Cool thing is is that my dude wants to watch me f*** his best friend. But of course.... Best friend isn't down. Sad day.

  • I am 19 and a sophomore in College. I was in the same situation, I had a bf I cared for and we had hot s**, he was good and him and his friend would always hang out in my apartment. His friend was so hot I had to have him. So his friend was waiting for Ryan to get back from class and I just flat out side "I really think your hot and want to f***"

    One thing lead to another and we were going at it like rabbits, he was so good I can't stop f****** him now and I want to break up with Ryan but he will be devastated. Plus I don't want him to lose his best friend.

  • I'm sorry but being a guy this all sounds so wrong! I now worry constantly that my girlfriend thinks like this. I can sayou for a fact that I have never fantasized about her best friend let alone any of her friends. She is my everything. Should I be intimidated by my best friend now??? Should I feel okay with my gf pictureingredients my best friend while we f*** ??

  • Lol dude, you're not ready for s relationship if you're insecure about that. Worrying about that is only going to wear you down and mess up your relationship. And really?? I think some of my gf's friends are hot af, it's not wrong to think that way, it's literally how our species has made it this far.

  • I'm having a similar issue. I'm in a 3year relationship but he is close friends with a guy I went to school with and always had a crush on.
    I can't help being a little aroused when we hang out with him or even when he calls my boyfriend and I hear his voice. Fantasies immediately fill my head and I've often had saucy dreams about him but I brush them off. I know its just curiosity or fantasy. I don't like thinking or feeling this way so i just distract myself or forget I even had those dreams.
    As long as you don't act upon them. No harm has been done. All this means is that your human

  • Well. This is just like a p*** movies. Listen carefully if u watching crap p*** videos alot. Then its my advice stop watching it or simply stop following s*** culture. Get some life. Put your energy in some productive field and dont even think of having s** with someone when you already got an boyfriend takecare of him.

  • Lol, stopping watching p*** will probably only make things worse. It'll probably make you l*** even more.

  • f*** them .. f*** them all !!

  • I think you're a huge f****** w****. You don't love your boyfriend. You too immature for love. If you loved your boyfriend, nothing would come between you two. You want to f*** another guy. That's wrong. Better yet his best friend. You're probably one of those girls who only looks for guys with 6 packs and great looks instead a good person on the inside, then go complaining about how guys only want s** and guys are so mean and treat girls wrong. Typical American W****.
    Pro tip: Don't tell your boyfriend if you plan on keeping him. Because if he is in any way a decent guy, he will dump your skanky ass in the garbage where you belong for wanting to f*** his best friend.

  • Omg this is hilarious. My first though was that f****** you would be like f****** a nun. It is human nature to be attracted to people no matter how in love and amazing a relationship is! I am not condoning cheating btw, but your level of judgement is so naive and you seem very ignorant. If you are telling me that you have never done anything perceived as "wrong" to a significant other, then by all means please cast the first stone.

  • I think you're a piece of s*** for saying that.

  • Your a f****** ass. How disrespectful can one person possibly be, everyone has a fantasy they would love to actually have happen to them and some of us are lucky enough to get just that. But when someone comes out for advice on what to do about one the last thing they want to see is a negative dads such as yourself

  • I dont think thats fair. Jus because you think about it doesnt mean you do it. Im engaged and i used to want to f*** his best friend. They practically considered themselves brothers. Ive known his friend longer. But i still love my fiance more. His friend want even cute. I just really wanted to try it. But i never did. It halpens. People go through it. You're not a w**** until you actually act on it. I dont have the thoughts anymore. Its just the same as dudes seeing hot girls and thinking about what they would do to them given the chance. ITS JUST THOUGHTS.

  • Thinking about it, and acting on it are two different things. A******.

  • Your a w**** for just thinking about it
    What if he was thinking about f****** your bestfreind . smh its crazy how someone can be so good for you yet you still have to f*** s*** up

  • Amen.

  • Well here is someone that doesnt know s*** about people not being monogamous. It is a fantasy, don't pretend like you never had fantasy's about anyone else but the one you are with. As long as she doesn't cheat on the guy she is not a s****, she is a girl with a fantasy and doesn't know what to do with it. When she goes and cheat on him, then I can understand your reaction, but my God give her a break for having a fantasy. It is not like she is doing it on purpose or anthing.

  • F*** that my gf only fantasy is me
    She doesnt have to think about anyone else if she wants to do that then she can f****** be single. If your going to think about someone else atleast let it be a celebrity . But thinking about f****** someone you know is compltley stupid. If you dont agree then pretty much your a w**** sorry

  • Really? Thinkin about f****** someone you know is stupid? Why the h*** would it make a difference if it was a celebrity? I know tons of women that look at least as good if not better than most celebrity women. You're an immature little boy with insecurities and will never have a real women. And fyi, your gf fantasizes about s** with other guys. It's natural

  • I can guarantee you that your girlfriend's fantasies are not only about you. All people fantasize about sleeping with multiple people. We are not meant to be monogamous as a species. Monogamy is nothing but a societal constraint, born from religious oppression.

  • Again how much of an ass can someone possibly be. Trust me darlin if your this much of an ass in the bed she is definitely thinking of someone else. Also most women think about someone else or play out a fantasy while doing the deed at least once or twice around. Again I did say most woman

  • Hmm sounds like you are a virgin. Having sexual fantisies is normal, how the f*** are you supposed to control what happens in your head?! Never wanted to f*** anyone you shouldn't?! FYI b**** everybody looks!

  • I think you say this in your post, but I'll ask anyway: Are you comfortable with the idea of having a threesome with this guy and your boyfriend? If you are, then are you comfortable with the idea of having a threesome with your boyfriend and another girl?

    If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you may simply want to broach the subject of having a threesome with your boyfriend, and find out what his comfort level is. It's possible he may be ok with bringing in his friend (some guys think it's ok). If he's not super into that, he may not be super against it if you're offering up a threesome he's more oriented toward as well.

    I would definitely feel him out for a threesome in general before specifically fingering the friend as someone you want to sleep with if you're at all afraid he might get jealous, and I would be completely sure you are actually comfortable with the whole idea before actually exploring it. Finally, you can hope your boyfriend will be into the idea, but be prepared for the fact that there is a good chance he will not be and if he isn't, you will have to choose whether keeping your boyfriend is more important than sleeping with his friend to you, and then stick with that decision.

  • hmmmm...you can't have your cake, and flush it down the toilet, too....you are a temptress...the bible warned about whores like you.

  • It is just a fantasy.. Don't pretend like you never had fantasy's about anyone else but the one you are with, people are not made to be monogamous so don't pretend like you are all holy. Yeah if she does cheat I can understand, but everybody fantasizes about things like this and you should feel bad that you call this girl a w**** for it while she: 1. cant help her thoughts and 2. you are probably fantasizing about having s** with others as well.
    As long as she doesn't act on it, she is doing nothing wrong and you should feel ashamed that you call someone a w**** based on what she thinks.

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