I have a boyfriend,but I totally have a

I have a boyfriend,but I totally have a crush on someone else. And he has a girlfriend too. The feeling is mutual between us. And I feel so bad. I would never act on these feelings while still in a relationship,but f***. It's so hard to ignore. I love my boyfriend,and I do want to be with him. I'm so selfish.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Figure it out b****!

  • That is good advise...i was in a similair situation lat year. we where both involved with another but we felt close to each other. When push came to shove however she would not leave her other half so it all fell apart...bitterly I might add....just be carefull

  • I don't think you are selfish, after all you haven't acted on these feelings. It's ok to like someone else when you are in a relationship. Just get out of your current relationship before you persue anything. You should sit down with this guy and talk and make sure that you two really like each other the way you believe. After all it could be l***. People tend to l*** after the things they can't have or that are out of reach. Sometimes something bad can feel so good. So sit down with this guy and make sure that your feelings are
    A: Real
    B: Mutual
    If so then both of you should end your current relationships and start a new one with each other. This will also cut down on the possible drama that this situation can create.


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