Now that I've won this money, you're

Now that I've won this money, you're all so nice to me. Is that what it takes? Hm? What, I'm supposed to forget now all the mean nasty things you did to me? Said to me? Said about me? You have so much nerve thinking that I owe you or would help you with ANYTHING. WE divorced YEARS ago because you were a J***. You accused me of sleeping around the entire time while YOU were the one who was cheating. You went home to your mommy and now you have each other to rule your trailer park realm. You have so much nerve. I love how everyone has suddenly decided to be nice- but it's not me you're being nice to-it's the money. The very last time we spoke I remember you threatening me. Now it's all nicey nicey. I'm supposed to fall for that? Am I stupid- do you think I suffer from short term or long term memory loss? Hardly j*** face- I forget NOTHING.

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    So you're confessing that you're rich?

  • So you're confessing that you're rich?

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