Not over you

It's been almost three years since we've been together...and I miss you like crazy...maybe it's the fact that I don't know what could have been but STILL. We were so alike in many ways...had the same dreams and plans for our future...then something neither of us could really control happened and we parted...I shut down and ended up with some j*** who was just awful...I left him and am back to my old self and I miss you more then ever...
I just keep thinking about what we had and what we could have had as well then I feel bad cuz it's been so long and I'm with someone now who is maybe more incredible then you.
I should have waited for you...should have waited the year for the drama to blow over but stupid me and my lack of patience.
We slept together a year after we parted...I got my hopes up but I think the fact that I was cheating on the j*** with you made you think I wasn't worth it...Will I regret missing out on you forever?

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  • wow,im going through the exact thing.
    and yes,i think that feeling will never go away.

  • I could have written this myself.

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